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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Secret Life of the American Teenager Recap of Season 4, Episode 12: ”Pomp”

The countdown to Ricky and Amy’s engagement has officially begun!

Television’s hunkiest bad boy spent the penultimate episode of Secret Life of the American Teenager planning his proposal to Amy, but will graduation dramz and his delusional stalker (aka Adrian) get in the way?

That’s where we come in. Check out Wetpaint Entertainment’s sex-citing recap of Secret Life season 4, episode 12!

It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding!

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white! Well, off-white. Ricky can’t wait to pop the question to his baby mama at graduation, but his plans are thrown for a loop when counselor Katelyn informs him he’s the valedictorian! Wait, what? We knew Ricky was a secret smarty pants, but are we really supposed to believe this kid is the best Grant High can do?

We’ve never even seen The Rickster read, and considering his response to being valedictorian was “I don’t do shoulds” we’re starting to doubt he can. Ricky’s just as confused as we are, but more importantly, he’s worried that his big speech will get in the way of his proposal.

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To make matters worse, Jesse and his pet cockatoo are throwing a graduation party at his summer lake house (you know, ‘cause of all the lakes in L.A) and Amy’s desperate to go. So not Ricky’s style. Luckily, Amy agrees to put her man’s needs first, especially when she finds out that he’s valedictorian.

Meanwhile, Ricky still hasn’t told anyone about his plans to put a ring on it, so he confides in Bunny and Margaret, getting all giddy and emotional in the process. Man, this boy is so adorable when he lets that dimple shows. Dreamy swoon!

Manwich Men

Let’s take a quick trip to The Meat Packing District, where Leo and Camille finally hook up middle-aged style. OMG our eyes, our eyes! We’re happy for Leo and his new lady love, but what about Betty?

Oh you know, she’s just ridin’ solo at the airport because her mom died and Leo couldn’t be bothered to see her off. Luckily, girlfriend meets a divorce lawyer named Johnny who offers to take Leo for all his money.

Over at The Juergens’ Love Shack, George thinks Nora and Anne are one pillow fight away from a lesbian love affair. Fair ‘nuff.

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Meanwhile, Jesse is busy preparing for his graduation bash (read: talking to his pet bird), but neither Lauren’s nor Madison’s dads want them to go because “illegal activities” might go down. You know what they say: Graduation parties (along with weddings, prom, abstinence club meetings and pretty much any social event) are the perfect place to accidentally preggo your eggo and experiment with illegal substances.

Either way, Lauren has a bad feeling about this graduation party, and considering she’s Secret Life’s resident psychic, it’s safe to assume ish will hit the fan.

Pretty in Pink

So, what do you do when your date rejects you for a backpacking trip? Hook up with his brother, natch! Adrian and Dante’s bro, Omar, get hot n’ heavy all over her apartment and it looks like he’s falling for her, but she still has lingering feelings for Ricky.

And when we say lingering feelings, we mean that she’s full-on Fatal Attraction obsessed. Want proof? When Adrian stops by Katelyn’s office to confirm that she can graduate on time, she runs into Ricky, corners him, and vows to “make love to him again.” Sex has never sounded so terrifying.

Oh well, at least Adrian and Ben are besties again. This is the healthiest divorce since Britney and K-Fed!

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Too bad things aren’t working out as well for Cookie and Daniel: He’s in college, she’s in highschool; he has a rich and diverse wardrobe, she only wears pink –– you can see why this might not be a match made in heaven.

Plus, it looks like Jack is worming his way back into Grace’s life, despite their sordid sexual history. You see, Tricky Ricky isn’t the only stud at Grant High who’s expected to give a speech during Pomp and Circumstance.Jack has to take time out of his busy schedule to say the opening prayer at graduation, so he asks Grace for help.

Right, because she’s such a champion of Christian values these days.

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Meanwhile, Alice and Henry struggle through their break up and decide to share custody of Ben like he’s some kind of man-child. Which he definitely is.

When Ben brings up the fact that this plan is bat-crazy, Alice and Henry decide that since they can’t be friends, they won’t be friends with Ben either. Is this a three-way break up?

Check back next week for our recap of Secret Life’s mid-season finale –– will Amy say yes to Ricky’s proposal?!

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