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True Blood

Top 5 OMG Moments From True Blood Season 4, Episode 10: ”Burning Down The House”

It’s with a Truebie tear that we’ve rounded up the five most jaw-dropping moments of True Blood season 4, episode 10. That’s right, “RIP Tommy” is at the top of the list and we’re in full-blown mourning.

OMG? Please, more like No Em Gee.

1. RIP Tommy! Well, it’s not like he didn’t have it coming. After a season full of patricide, matricide, alligator-cide and boning his brother’s girlfriend, we’re not surprised that Tommy met the true death — but that doesn’t mean we won’t miss him. No one rocks a pair of Levis like this dude, and though he had his flaws, there’s no denying that Tommy loved his big bro. Rest in peace, T-bone!

2. Eric regains his memory! Welcome back, Eric! As much as we loved The Blonde One and his wardrobe of sleeveless hoodies and basketballs shorts, we’re happy to see Eric back in his uniform of black leather and snark. Even better? He still loves Sookie. Sure, their sexy time might get a little less tender and a little more ... disturbing, but really this is a “best of both worlds” situation.

Credit: HBO    

3. Jesus is the devil! Just when we start thinking Jesus is our savior, he goes and sprouts a pair of horns and a serpent tongue. We know it’s a “Latin thing” (as Lafayette says), but seriously, Jesus needs to get that whole devil situation under control or it’s going to totally ruin his rep. Are those horns just an unfortunate side effect of being a brujo, or is Jay-Z not the sweet, gentle male nurse we’ve come to know and love?

4. Sookie chooses Bill! It looks like Sookie has finally made her choice between Bill and Eric, or at least we assume that’s what her whole convo with Eric was about. Thank goodness she didn’t break the bad news to her Viking King when he was suffering from amnesia, because he would have been a hot mess. Right now he’s just hot minus the mess.

5. Nan kills a vampire with a pencil! We’ll never look at no. 2 pencils in the same way — not after Nan picked one up and impaled Bill’s vampire sheriff with it. We thought we were used to the blood and gore on True Blood, but then someone explodes and we end up heaving into a bag. C’est la truebie vie.

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