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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Pad 2 Exclusive! Melissa…”a Basket Case!” Says Concerned Natalie Getz

Tears, crying and hysterical breakdowns always make for great television on the Bachelor franchise, but Melissa Schreiber took emotional meltdown to a whole new nuclear level this week.

“Melissa went absolutely crazy. Every episode gets worse and worse!” said Season 1 Bachelor Pad winner Natalie Getz in an exclusive interview with Wetpaint Entertainment.

“Everyone made such a big deal about the kissing contest, all the guys are afraid to kiss Vienna and Holly, but on our season we all kissed everyone,” laughed Natalie.

Tenley [Molzahn] had her tongue down everyone’s throat!”

While it was all fun and games during the saliva-swap, it was in the aftermath that things got seriously stressed out.

“Melissa tried to mind-screw Blake as soon as he won, acting like she was in love with him and saying he needed to commit to her,” explained Natalie. “She went bananas on him when he said he didn’t know if he was going to take her on the date.

“She cussed him out - she lost her cool more than I’ve seen any girl lose her cool in my life! You have to be able to control your emotions on camera.”

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Natalie, who appeared as a guest judge in BP2 Episode 3, revealed that every time she’s met Melissa off-camera she’s been happy and laughing — which Erica Rose also said about her BP2 housemate — but throwing a guy she has the hots for into the mix has driven her over the edge.

“There are some girls out there that fall for a guy so quickly and get infatuated, they think they are in love within five minutes.

“Now everything is said and done and she got kicked off, I hope she’s over it,” said sympathetic Natalie, who plans to go out with the latest Bachelor Pad reject this week. Unfortunately, some signs point towards her not being over it.

“Her and Blake still get on this silly arguments on Twitter, it worries me that she’s such an emotional basket case because she’s so frail. People shouldn’t go on the show if they can’t deal with it,” warned Getz. “It doesn’t affect me if people call me fat, skinny or stupid, they just don’t have enough things going on their own life, but some contestants take everything to heart.”

The recent tragedy on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills brought it home to everyone that reality TV and real life can often frighteningly overlap and producers need to keep a close eye on the emotional well-being of all their cast members, not just the ones who appear fragile.

Find out what Melissa had to say about the whole ordeal — and what “jean-jamming” means — in her exit interview with fellow castoff William Holman.

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