Marshall Allman: I Was Honored to See Tommy Get Redemption
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True Blood

Marshall Allman: I Was Honored to See Tommy Get Redemption

Did you finally come around to bratty Tommy on Sunday as he sacrificed himself for his big bro? Marshall Allman (Tommy) is way ahead of you.

“To act, no matter how the character is, you have to love and have compassion for the character you’re playing,” he tells EW. “You can’t judge a character that you’re playing because then you’re fighting against doing what the character’s doing."

"People were pretty vocal about not liking Tommy, and I would have to understand and just hope that the True Blood team would give Tommy some sort of redemption so that he’s not just hated and forgotten, and people are just like, ‘Well, glad he’s dead.’ At this point, at least it’s not pure hate. That’s all I’m grateful for.”

It was never pure hate. It was maybe 30 percent hate, 65 percent exasperation, and 5 percent attraction. (What?) Anyway, everyone’s on the same page now, and Marshall’s glad.

“I was so honored that they would give me that time in the show. I love Tommy so much, and for other people to see him the way I see him would be a joy. And to all the Tommy fans who believed in him from day one, it’s like a rebel crew of people, they’ve got a soft place in my heart.”

And he’s glad Tommy got his redemption in the end.

Marshall Allman: I Was Honored to See Tommy Get Redemption
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“I was sad, but then I was seeing where the storyline was going, I don’t know that Tommy could ever go on forever,” he says. “When I saw the writing that they were doing for me, I was like, ‘Man, if Tommy’s gonna go out, this is a really great way to go out.’"

"The reason why it was perfect is because Tommy tried to do good, but then he messed up. He tried to defend Sam, but he didn’t hold on to the shift to make them think Sam had died. He failed at being a martyr, which is perfect for Tommy. He messed that up, too.”

Marshall gave a fairly icky amount of thought to the specifics of Tommy’s death.

“Basically his insides had exploded. How does that physically look, what was shutting down at what times, and the breathing — that was mainly the challenge of the scene,” Allman says. “The heart, what Tommy says, that’s what I’ve been feeling for two years working on the character. Caring about Sam and wanting a family — that part was easy. And like any great scene with Tommy, he has some self-loathing. So it was nice that there was a little bit of comedy, a little self-effacing humor. It was just a beautiful scene.”

It was. Although thinking about his insides exploding doesn’t really make it more moving, in our opinion.

Source: EW

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