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True Blood

5 Ultimate Truebie Questions From Season 4, Episode 10: “Burning Down The House”

There are Truebies and then there are Ultimate Truebies: The kind of fans who spend hours talking about the latest episode of True Blood with their friends (read: their chat room) and keep a set of fake fangs on their bedside table.

Lucky for you, we fall into the second category, and we’ve rounded up five questions about the ins and outs of Bon Temps supernatural world that will keep you tossing and turning all night!

1. How did Sookie reverse Eric’s amnesia?

We’re a little confused about how Sookie’s light-up fingers work. At first it seemed like they were just for blasting away basic bitches like Debbie, but apparently they have the ability to reverse black magic. It seems like our fairy princess is getting more and more powerful.

Is the Tinkerbell in her blood slowly taking over? Uh-oh: Goblin face would not look good with Sookie’s gap tooth.

2. Why did Tommy die?

Did you find it unbelievable that Tommy just up and died like some mere mortal? This is the guy who’s spent his entire life getting beaten up in dog fighting rings, and yet he couldn’t handle a few weres and their mullets?

The implication was that skin walking weakened Tommy and caused him to drop dead on Sam’s pool table, but if that’s the case, Luna should be six feet under, too.

3. Why did Marnie’s protection spell reveal Jesus’ horns?

It took us a long time to trust Jesus after he sprouted devil horns the first time ‘round, but we chocked it up to a bad V-trip. Now that his evil alternate ego has once again popped up to say “Hey, ya’ll," we’re at a loss.

Is Jesus Satan, or did Marnie’s powerful Wicca magic just temporarily bring out the brujo in his blood? Either way, we’re scared.

4. Why did the vamps drive to Marnie’s in a car?

Clearly, Bill, Eric, Pam and Jessica have forgotten they can fly. How else do you explain why they packed themselves into an SUV and drove over to Shreveport with Eric at the wheel? Of course, they did have a bunch of bazookas to carry with them, but, hello? It’s called super-strength.

5. Is Antonia good or evil?

Antonia might be a deranged vampire slayer who’s obviously watched one too many episode of Buffy, but she seemed genuinely sad when she killed all those muggles. Does this witch have a conscience after all?

It seemed odd that Antonia jumped down Marnie’s throat after so firmly disagreeing with her — perhaps she sensed how bat crazy Marnie’s become, and she’s just trying to keep her under control. Sigh, can’t someone just call Ghostbusters already and save us from this hot mess?

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