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The Bachelorette

Exclusive! Natalie Getz, Wes Hayden, and Jesse Kovacs Are Taking Over Small-Town America

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if some of your favorite Bachelor/ette stars turned up in your home town for a surprise party one weekend? Would it be even better if they suddenly offered to give you a style makeover, throw an impromptu concert, and serve fine California wine?

Well we have good news for you!

Bachelor/ette (and Bachelor Pad) stars Natalie Getz, Wes Hayden and Jesse Kovacs are hitting the road in two weeks to start filming their very own reality show, and Wetpaint Entertainment has the exclusive, inside scoop on the must-see TV event.

"We don't have a title yet, but we've already got four networks that are fighting over it," one of the show's creators, former Bachelor Pad winner Natalie Getz, told us in an exclusive interview. "It's going to be like The Simple Life as we'll be heading into all these really small towns and taking over!"

"There's going to be a lot of conflict as I'm going to go in and try and teach them about big-city fashion," laughed Natalie. "I'm going to have to act like a dumb blonde; there's going to be a bit more acting than reality."

Natalie went on to explain her co-stars' roles. "Wes will fit in a lot better with the small-town people as he's going to be singing for them, and country people love The Bachelor, and Jesse and his brother [who'll be driving the bus] are going to be throwing wine-tasting parties with Kovacs Family wine."

Sounds like rural America is going to get a lot better dressed, entertained — and drunk!

Jesse Kovacs is just as eager about the new show, but a little less in the know. "I think I know less about it than anyone else, but that's what it's all about!" he told us when we quizzed him.

At least he knows the basic concepts and is fired up about being out on the open road — and back on TV.

"All three of us come from different walks of life: there's the down-home southern boy, the hip Chicago girl, then me and my brother are the Californian guys who grew up around the vineyards and the wine," Jesse explained. "We all encompass the stereotype of where we come from, and when we come together it's a culture clash. We want to throw a country, wine, fashion, melting pot party."

Don't start searching your TiVo just yet, the project is still untitled, and the trio haven't yet signed a deal. Stay tuned!