Spoiler! How Does Bailey Feel About Being Passed Over For Chief?
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Grey's Anatomy

Spoiler! How Does Bailey Feel About Being Passed Over For Chief?

After long being considered Dr. Webber's (James Pickens Jr.) favorite candidate to replace him as Chief of Surgery, will Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) harbor any resentments towards Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) this season for snagging the coveted spot? As we previously spoiled, the Chief will take the blame for Meredith in the fallout of the Alzheimer's Trial scandal, and step down from his position, appointing Dr. Hunt as his successor.

Kevin McKidd dished to TV Guide that Bailey's anger is layered and complicated and, make no mistake, will be unleashed on all offending parties. "Her anger with the Chief for resigning is all dumped on Owen, because she has to respect his decision that he feels it's time to retire and to hand over that power to somebody else," he says. "Maybe she is upset that it isn't her that's Chief, but I think it's more to do with her anger at Webber because she's going to miss him."

Aww, sounds like Bailey gets a little pouty. Chin up, doc. We're sure this is only a temporary shift in power and you're still headed for greatness.

Stay tuned to ABC September 22nd for the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy.

Source: TV Guide