The 3 Least Trustworthy People in The Lying Game Season 1, Episode 3: “Double Dibs”
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The Lying Game

The 3 Least Trustworthy People in The Lying Game Season 1, Episode 3: “Double Dibs”

Is it just us, or does it seem like all The Lying Gamers have something to hide? Who knows what secrets these teens and their parental units are keeping stashed away in their stilettos, but we’re on a mission to find out! Each week, we’ll round up the top three least trustworthy characters on The Lying Game. Your job? Keep tabs on these good-for-nothings during next week’s all-new episode. You never know when someone’s pants are going to catch on fire!

1. Alec Rybak (Adrian Pasdar): We thought Alec had reached the pinnacle of sketchy behavior when he stole Sutton’s (Alexander Chando) laptop and got into a fist fight with a teenager, but apparently he has many more sneaky tricks up his designer sleeve. It was one thing to steal the computer, but planting it in Ethan’s (Blair Redford) car was just plain mean. Couldn’t Alec have just thrown that bad boy in the lake instead of potentially ruining the life of an innocent hunk? (Maybe Alec was just a really big Sutton-and-Luke fan?)

Oh, and no offense Daddy Rybak, but we tend not to trust voyeurs. Yeah, that’s right — we saw you peeping in that window.

2. Eduardo the Ballet Teacher: Eduardo’s only had about two lines so far on The Lying Game, but he is not to be trusted. Don’t be swayed by this heartthrob’s perfect body and ability to bust a move — any teacher who macks on his sexy students is a straight-up sleaze. Since we didn’t see Eduardo pull away from Mads’ (Alice Greczyn) luscious lips, were going to assume they dirty danced the night away and demonstrated the perks of being flexible...

Will Eduardo redeem himself in next week’s episode? Hopefully not, because we’re loving this hot ‘n’ spicy plot line.

3. The Mercers: You never know when the day will come that you find out your parents are a pair of sketchy baby stealers who have been lying to you your entire life. Mr. and Mrs. Mercer might seem like the nicest, sweetest couple ever, but apparently they’re hiding even more secrets than Sutton! How can we trust Ted (Andy Buckley) and Kristen (Helen Slater) when they didn’t tell Sutton she had a twin sister and they lied about her birth mom’s identity?

Plus, what are fabulous lifers like the Mercers doing going through a back-channel adoption? There’s no two ways about it — Ted and Kristen are hiding something major!

09.1.2011 / 05:10 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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