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Dancing With The Stars

DWTS Is About Competition, Not Chaz Bono, Says Melissa Joan Hart

Since the new cast of Dancing With the Stars was announced this week, reactions have ranged from outrage to praise, but the cast, which includes openly-gay Carson Kressley, transgendered Chaz Bono, and yet another Kardashian, hasn't impressed Joe Lawrence and Melissa Joan Hart — at least not yet.

When Wetpaint Entertainment visited the two on the set of their sitcom, Melissa & Joey, the DWTS alumni told us that what they're hoping to see this season — despite the early controversy — is less drama and more dancing.

After watching numerous seasons where great dancers have gone up against contestants with a feel-good story, Joe would like to see the kind of competitive spirit he experienced in Season 3.

"It's a competition, not really a reality show," Joe, who came in third, explained. "If you have breakdowns and start sleeping with your dancing partner, it becomes a reality show. But if you don't do any of that stuff, it's a competition show, which is what I like about it. Who wins? My only query with this cast now is, who is going to compete? They seem like such different people."

While the contestant under the most scrutiny appears to be Chaz Bono, Melissa blasts his critics, saying his gender transformation should be a non-issue when it comes to what the show is about.

"I don't even think that's relevant," she said. "[On the show] you've had elderly people, teenagers, people who have never been in front of a camera — you've had a woman with one leg," she said. "I don't think being transgendered is really a challenge [when it comes to dancing]. But he is a notable person, and an icon's son, and I think that that's going to draw a lot of attention."

As long as it isn't misdirected, that attention isn't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, Melissa knows firsthand the power of the Paso Doble.

"The casting directors there do a great job of drawing in people and also recreating careers," explained Melissa, who competed in Season 9. "I don't know that this show would have happened if I wasn't on [DWTS]. I think it showed ABC Family that there was still a draw for me."

Who says you can't waltz your way into America's heart — or samba your way to a sitcom?