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The Bachelorette

Exclusive! Bachelor Pad’s Melissa Schreiber: I’m Not an Emotional, Crazy Basket Case!

After watching Monday's explosive episode of Bachelor Pad 2, it was clear that Melissa Schreiber had been cast as the high-strung, high maintenance girl of the group this season, but she said she's not like that at all in real-life.

Following the fall-out from the show and a mountain of concerned Twitter messages, Melissa talked exclusively to Wetpaint Entertainment to give her side of the story.

"The first thing I want to clear up is I'm not this emotional, crazy basket case. I am very normal, very down to earth and I'm a happy bubbly person," a calm Melissa told us in an exclusive interview.

"The viewers only see a small portion of what happened in the house during the two weeks that we were there," she continued. "I only cried a few times throughout, ninety percent of the time I was laughing and having fun, ten percent of the time it was emotional. I was happy and had fun nearly the whole time!"

The rest of the façade of course is down to the seasoned editors and producers on the show, who have years of experience at creating Bachelor-induced mayhem.

"No matter what happened, I was going to be portrayed as the overly emotional crazy girl," explained Melissa. "I wanted to fix my reputation from The Bachelor, but very quickly I realized that wasn't going to happen to I decided to go all out with it and just give them wanted."

Melissa went on to reveal what really went on with her and Blake, and the reason for her floods of tears.

"There was so much more to what happened with me and Blake then was on TV," she revealed. "I was doing whatever I could to save him and keep him in the house, and he was basically screwing me over. I was such a loyal partner and he was betraying me whenever he could.

"I had a crush on him until our first date but I got over it as soon as I caught him in bed with Holly, of course I was upset but I got over it at that moment," she explained. "But they made it out that I was infatuated with him — I was NOT in love with Blake! I was crying because my partner sucked!"

Now that her time on the show is over, Melissa wants Wetpaint Entertainment readers to know that she's doing just fine. "I'm a strong person, and I'm doing just great!"

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09.2.2011 / 07:30 PM EDT by Debbie Emery
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