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The New Bones Villain: What’s in a Name?

With The Season 7 villain-scoop fresh off the presses, we can’t help rubbing our chins over the next big bad to cast a shadow over the Jeffersonian. (There may even be thoughtful beard-pulling among our male staff!)

Of course, some of the news we’ve gleaned all but goes without saying for a series-spanning villain. For example, executive producer Stephen Nathan has divulged that the new guy is “extremely odd,” “fearless,” and “tech-savvy.”

We’ve certainly seen such qualities before. Howard Epps was pretty odd, and both Gormogon and the Gravedigger were fearless for sure. But “tech-savvy” is something new, and we’re intrigued -- shades of Law Abiding Citizen and Live Free or Die Hard, maybe? -- but at the end of the day, “tech-savvy,” is something we can relate to.

No, the thing that has us scratching our heads is the name. Pellant? A cryptic moniker like this is right up executive producer Stephen Nathan’s alley (just look at his tweets!), and Bones creator Hart Hanson has gushed that he “love[s] this serial killer.” Considering that Hanson normally loathes the whole serial killer scene, we just can’t see the name being left up to chance. So what exactly are the Bones brains getting at with this guy?

Readers might have better luck, but our internet-scouring for “pellant” turned up next to nothing. (The first result on Google is a car rental site that Czech?) Of course, this is good marketing if nothing else -- once Season 7 gets running, everyone looking for the new Bones terror won’t get bogged down with other search results, meaning more popularity for our already wildly popular favorite crime drama.

Meanwhile, our crack team of expert linguists -- also known as one guy with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and his feet on the table -- found one little lead. Pelant, as it turns out, is the present participle of peler in French. Now, conventionally, peler means "to peel," but the word is closely related to peau, which guessed it! Skin. Our Pellant might be a little closer to Cam’s area of expertise than to Brennan’s!

So what can we make of this fleshy appellation? Obviously our big bad’s parents didn’t name their boy Pellant, so he must have chosen the title on his own. (Based on our near-fruitless internet search, it would probably not be taken as a screen name, either!) Is he a crafty peeler of layers of security from the Department of Defense? Or is it something more nefarious? We can already see flayed victims and gruesome skin-souvenirs in the near future!

09.2.2011 / 09:33 PM EDT by Drew Belsky
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