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The Lying Game

The Top 5 Mysteries in The Lying Game Season 1, Episode 3: “Double Dibs”

You might think that Phoenix is just a desert where people are too busy sitting in front of air conditioners to have time to plot and scheme, but you’d be wrong. There are more loose ends and unsolved puzzles in this town than there are cacti! We got our certified team of experts to hunt down each and every mystery from The Lying Game Season 1, Episode 3: “Double Dibs” so we can get this thing solved!

  1. Why didn’t Sutton and Emma’s (Alexander Chando) birth mom sign their adoption papers? Well, we officially know where Sutton and Emma got their lying gene from: their truth serum-resistant mother. Apparently the twins’ mom couldn’t sign her own papers for a myriad of sketchy reasons, so she hired librarian/professional criminal, Ruth Peterson, to do it for her. Did Emma and Sutton’s mom not want the responsibility of having twins, or was she hiding the truth from someone — an evil baby daddy, perhaps?
  2. Why did the twins' biological mom take only Emma? Emma was baby-snatched from her adoptives by her biological mother, while Sutton was left high and dry in Arizona. Why didn’t their mystery mom want both her twins back? We know Sutton can be a handful, but presumably her love for lies and high fashion hadn’t evolved at the age of six months. (Though there’s nothing cuter than a toddler in a Juicy Couture track suit.)
  3. Why did the Mercer’s tell Sutton that Ruth was dead? Ted and Kristen Mercer told Sutton that her biological mother, Ruth Peterson, had died when Sutton was a just a baber. First of all, Sutton’s real mom isn’t Ruth. Second of all, even if the Mercer’s didn’t know that, why did they lie about her death? Were they trying to prevent Sutton from finding her real parents, or were they trying to hide the truth about their own shady past?
  4. Why did Alec (Adrian Pasdar) go to L.A to spy on Sutton? When we first met Alec, we loved to hate him. Then he impressed us with his stalker skills, and we hated to love him. Now he’s taken things to the next level of deranged, and we officially love to be obsessed with him. There’s nothing more fun that a certifiably crazy DILF with a team of spotty youths doing his dirty work — but why did Alec book it down to L.A just to look in Thayer’s window? Was he being a good dad and checking up on his son, or did was he already on to the twins’ switcheroo?
  5. Why was Ethan (Blair Redford) in juvie? Ethan is a bad boy to the bone. He’s brooding, angsty, rocks a six-pack, works on motorcycles, and has a mysterious past. All this kid needs is a leather jacket and a hair coif and he’d be the modern-day James Dean. We can’t wait to find out what Ethan did to land himself in the underage slammer, but it’s definitely going to be epic. Did he deal drugs? Get arrested for trespassing on a moon-gazing expedition? Or did he — dare we say it — murder someone?

Do you want answers to these questions as much as we do? Then tune into an all new episode of The Lying Game, Monday at 9/8c on ABC Family!

09.2.2011 / 05:41 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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