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True Blood

Alexander Skarsgard Will Growl for Tequila

Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) fled to the Hamptons this Labor Day weekend, but it wasn’t to relax on the beach, as New York City’s tabloids would have you know.

The New York Post and the Daily News avidly followed his every move, and based on their stellar reporting, we’ve pieced together a chronology for Alex’s weekend. We, too, are stellar reporters.

Late Saturday night: Tipsily demands shots of Patron at Paul Sevigny’s party. The party, regrettably, is already over.

Later Saturday night: Never fear! Sevigny will get you your shots, Alex. He and DJ Elle Dee escort the Skars to another bar (we think … we’re not exactly part of the Hamptons in crowd) in South Pointe, where Alex obtains his longed-for shots in abundance and poses for pictures with many pleased ladies, even growling and clawing the air. You know, like all the drunken clawing Eric does on the show.

The Daily News reports that he wasn’t playing the field, though. His attention was focused on one “plain brunette” (don’t be mean, Daily News), who he kept touching and fetching drinks for.

The Wetpaint Entertainment hypothesis? This was DJ Elle Dee. We don’t think she’s plain! She has an awesome haircut.

Sunday night: Alex is out and about again, this time holding court at the surf lounge.

Monday: Presumably, he napped.

Sources: Post, Daily News

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09.6.2011 / 10:18 PM EDT by Melinda Taub
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