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The Bachelorette

Major Bachelor Pad 2 Spoilers 2011! Reality Steve’s Episode-By-Episode Breakdown

*Spoiler alert* You know the drill!

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney    

It’s Christmas morning for Bachelor Pad fans — and Santa was very kind. Reality Steve’s spoilers are usually spot-on and if even half of the spoilers for Bachelor Pad Season 2 are legit, we are in for one trashtastic ride!

Read on for an episode breakdown (sans the finale) of the new season, which started August 8. These spoilers, like last season, only go up to the final two couples. If you need a refresher, here’s who's competing this season:

Jackie Gordon
Michelle Money
Vienna Girardi
Justin "Rated-R" Rego
Blake Julian
Kirk DeWindt
William Holman
Ames Brown
Jake Pavelka
Kasey Kahl
William Holman
Blake Julian
Ames Brown
Melissa Schreiber
Graham Bunn
Justin Rego
Ella Nolan
Michael Stagliano
Holly Durst
Erica Rose

• Filming schedule: Show taping started Tuesday, June 7 and ended Friday, June 24 with filming in Los Angeles, and Las Vegas — the site for the final challenge.
• No coed bunk beds! Last season, all 19 contestants bunked in the same room. This season, there are 18 contestants and the girls lived upstairs while the guys lived downstairs. No fun!
• Voting rules: The voting system is the same as Season 1: “The guys vote out the girls, and the girls vote out the guys by going into the deliberation room and dropping the headshot of the person they want gone into a box — although we don’t get to see who an individual voted for. The votes are then tallied up off camera, and the person with the most votes is eliminated at the rose ceremony.
• BoobWatch 2011: To quote Steve and his dirty mind, “If you wanna play the implant game with the women, and I know you do, here’s how it breaks down. Implants: Gia, Vienna, Michelle , Holly, and Alli.
• Who got no nookie? 14 of the 18 contestants at least made out with someone during the show, not counting the Kissing Contest. The only four who didn’t get any action are Alli, Justin, Gia, and William. (Gia has a boyfriend and she seems to have learned her lesson. But weird that Rego doesn’t get any action.)

EPISODE 1: Naughty Challenge and an Ex Apologizes

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney    

If you missed the first episode, get all the juicy details in our recap right here.

Who goes home: Alli and Justin. (Wow, Justin gone already? That’s a surprise. He seemed to treat The Bachelorette like Survivor so you’d almost think he would’ve thrived on this show.)

EPISODE 2: Jealousy and Dramatic Departures

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney    

Click here for a full recap of Episode 2.

Challenge: Ugh. The insulting survey questions are back — of course. This time, there’s an additional element of violence. As Steve explains, “This is a combination of two challenges from last season – the Egg Toss and the Questionnaire. The guys have to answer questions about the girls, and vice versa. There are no right or wrong answers, but whoever your answer for the question is, you must throw an egg at them. [...] Whoever hits the most people of the opposite sex wins. Melissa wins for the girls, and Michael wins for the guys.” But it sounds like everyone’s dignity will lose.

Ready for a taste of some of the questions? “Who do you think would cheat? Who doesn’t deserve money? Who’s the most unattractive person in the house? Who’s the dumbest? Who would you least like to have as partner?” Yuck.

Date 1: For his date, Michael invites his ex-fiancee Holly, plus Erica and Michelle. They visit a haunted hospital in Los Angeles. “Not surprisingly, he gives Holly the rose, and those two have an open conversation about their broken engagement,” Steve says. “Michael is apparently still upset by it, cries a lot, and these two decide to be civil and remain friends.” Stag is probably going to get so many date requests after this show is over. Girls love a heartbroken guy and he sounds like a sweetie. Unless him being too emotional becomes more of a turn off.

Date 2: For her date, Melissa takes Kasey, Blake, and Kirk out on a yacht. “Melissa decides to give the rose to Blake and keep him around. They make out. Kasey and Kirk have to take a little dingy back to shore. During the next day, Melissa breaks her foot at some point. Leading into the rose ceremony, Blake and Holly spend the entire night flirting with each other. Melissa sees it, is upset, and gives Blake a nice tongue lashing.” Melissa is always good for that, but we hope she doesn’t have onion breath this time.

Who goes home: “Gia has a feeling she’s going home, gets drunk, gets emotional, and walks off the show. At rose ceremony, Jackie is voted off. Ames, who has struck up a relationship with Jackie, walks her to her limo, then comes back to join the group. As the limo pulls away, in a scene that should be straight out of The Notebook or something, Ames chases after the limo, gets in it, and leaves with Jackie so he can date her.” Unfortunately, Steve now says Ames and Jackie have since broken up.

EPISODE 3: Speedos!

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney    

Challenge: This is new. The contestants have to do a synchronized swimming contest, judged by BP1 co-winners Natalie Getz and David Good. “Girls wore bikinis and flowered shower caps, guys were all in speedos. Each of them puts on a team performance in the pool, and Natalie and Dave have to choose one winner from each team. Michelle wins for the girls, Michael wins (again) for the guys.” Natalie has a girl crush on Michelle, so we can’t be too surprised that she would back the Money Honey. Michael is just killing it out there.

Date 1: Michelle takes Kasey, Graham, and Blake to a vineyard where they drink wine and stomp on grapes. Steve reveals, “She gives the rose to Graham, and they make out. I don’t think anyone should be surprised by this, considering they are arguably the two best looking people in the house.” YES! Hot attack city.

Date 2: Michael takes Vienna, Holly, and Ella. They go horse back riding and Michael gives Holly the rose again. Aww! “Once she gets the rose, Bret Michaels shows up ...] and he sings them – wait for it – ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn.’” Is it sweet that Michael keeps trying to win Holly back? Or will it just become totally obnoxious?

Kasey puts a ring on it: It’s funny how, up to this point, not much has been said about Kasey and Vienna. However, Steve says, “One of the days during this episode is Kasey and Vienna’s 6 month anniversary. Kasey goes out of his way apparently to do all these nice things for her, and once she comes back from her date, Kasey gives her a ring. I’m still not sure if this is an engagement ring, or a promise ring, or a decoder ring. I just know he gives her a ring. We’ll have to wait and see what that’s all about.” Maybe they can get matching tattoos at some point.

Who goes home: Since two girls left last time, no girls are eliminated at this rose ceremony, just one guy — and it’s Vienna’s ex Jake Pavelka! How’s that for an anniversary gift? But wait. Didn’t Mike Fleiss tweet that Jake could be falling in love again? Maybe it only took 3 episodes for him to get his heart stole, hmm?

EPISODE 4: Lip Locks and a Bachelorette Visits

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney    

Challenge: The kissing contest is back. Thankfully Gia is gone so we don’t have to see her back out halfway (again). However, this time Michelle’s the one who doesn’t participate, because she wants to make good impression on her daughter. (Tip: Making a good impression on your daughter includes NOT doing shows like this. Sorry, Money.) Steve explains, “Same exact rules as last season. One person blindfolded, gets walked out, and kisses everyone in line. Blake and Ella were voted the best kissers and win the contest.” Wow, Blake is making out like a bandit on BP. Ashley who?

Date 1: “Ella takes Kirk to the mansion where the Bachelor/ette stay. Afterwards, these two go on a hot air balloon ride and make out. Kirk gets a rose. They went back and stayed at house for an overnight date.” Oh, Kirk. He hooked up with BP1 contestant Jessie Sulidis for a while and now Ella?

Date 2: Surprise! Or more like: Random! Ashley Hebert makes an appearance to present the second date card for this challenge. Steve says of Ashley’s former bachelor: “Blake leads everyone to believe he’s taking Melissa on his date, but Ashley arrives with the card, Blake announces he’s taking Holly. [...] Melissa asks Blake to explain why he led her on into thinking he was taking her on the date, then changed his mind at the last minute to take Holly. Blake doesn’t have an answer, and Melissa walks away. Later on in the night, the whole house is freaking out over the decision Blake made to take Holly on the date. This is pretty much where alliances start turning on each other. Nice one Blake. Way to f*** up the game.”

Or way to make the game that much better! It doesn’t sound like it hurts him much. As Steve writes, “Blake and Holly go snowboarding and skiing in Mammoth. This is also an overnight date. She gets a rose. They make out. What else happened? Hmmmm. Don’t know. Guess you’ll have to ask them. But did I mention they’re dating now? Just checking. Needless to say, Michael is not happy Blake and Holly are on an overnight date and is pretty bummed out.” Poor Michael. Maybe he can be the Season 16 Bachelor.

Who goes home: Melissa and William. Oh yeah! We almost forgot Prince William was there. He didn’t do much, it seems.

EPISODE 5: ABC Agenda?

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney    

Challenge: The five remaining couples play the Newlywed Game at the mansion. The couples are:

Michelle and Graham
Kasey and Vienna
Michael and Holly (Steve says they’re more a team than a real couple)
Erica and Blake
Kirk and Ella

More tough/awkward questions! They must’ve loved the drama from the survey episode, ‘cause we’re back to questions like “Who is your biggest crush in the house? What’s your ‘number’? (Meaning, how many people have you slept with?) How many dates do you have to go on til you sleep with your partner?” Gross. But hotties Michelle and Graham win the competition.

Date: Michelle and Graham take a helicopter to a rooftop film screening/shameless plug for What’s Your Number? starring Anna Faris, Chris Pratt, and Chris Evans. Steve says, “Michelle and Graham are offered the overnight date but Michelle chooses not to.” Hey now! Guess she’s still trying to make a good impression on her daughter. But, hello, it’s GRAHAM.

Weird new rule: This is … odd. Erica and Blake are the runners-up in the Newlywed game and they are given roses to give out to two people. They give roses to Kasey and Vienna, who are now immune from the next rose ceremony. Huh. Erica and Blake then go on a dinner date to a hotel on an old mission. They have an overnight option, but it doesn’t happen. Blake already has Holly. What does Erica have, besides tiaras? Here’s Steve’s note on the odd rose giveaway: “I find it weird that the producers reward Blake and Erica for finishing second in the Newlywed game by saying, ‘Congrats. Here’s two roses. Now go give them to someone else.’ It was almost like a subtle way of saying, ‘We want you two going home now so you won’t be saved. And while you’re away, the rest of the house can scheme against you.’ And sure enough…”

Who goes home: Blake and Erica. (Yeah, it does sound like they really had an agenda for the finale.)

Challenge: The four remaining couples go to Las Vegas. “Details are a tad sketchy but what I know is the date centered around the Cirque de Soleil show ‘Ka’ at the MGM Grand,” Steve writes. “Each team is trained and has to perform something similar to what happens in the ‘Ka’ show. [...] [T]hey have to perform it in front of 3 judges: Ali [Fedotowsky], Jason [Mesnick], and Trista [Sutter]. Well, that certainly explains why they were all in Vegas last Wednesday and Thursday now, doesn’t it?” Dang it! We were hoping Ali and Roberto were having a secret wedding. Steve continues, “The judges vote Holly and Michael as having the best performance. Kasey and Vienna were voted 2nd best. So now the judges must decide who they want to eliminate between Kirk and Ella and Graham and Michelle. [...] In no surprise whatsoever, they decide Kirk and Ella should be sent home.”

Who makes the finale? The final three couples fly back to the L.A. mansion and deliberate on the final rose ceremony elimination. Michael and Holly must decide which couple they’d like to take to the finals with them: Kasey & Vienna, or Michelle & Graham. “I don’t know the thinking behind this decision, but in the end, they decide to send Kasey and Vienna home.” So the final two couples are:

Michael and Holly
Michelle and Graham

Finale: Are you SURE you're ready to know who wins?? Read on for Reality Steve's breakdown of the finale.

Source: Reality Steve

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