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True Blood

Top 5 OMG Moments From True Blood Season 4, Episode 11: “Soul of Fire”

Bon Temps better make some room in it’s graveyard, because the True Blood body count is off the charts. We had three supes bite the dust in the penultimate episode of Season 4, and who knows what we’re in for during the finale.

For now, check out the 5 biggest OMFG moments from “Soul of Fire!”

5. Marnie Dies! Kinda. Who knew King Bill had such good aim? Sometimes we forget he was a linen pants-wearing confederate soldier. This sharpshooter pummeled Marnie full of bullets and then hit her square in the head just to make sure the job was done. High five, Bill. You’ve finally managed to make us attracted to you again.

4. Marnie stabs Casey! Poor Casey. So young, so naive, such a bad dye job. But she still didn’t deserve to die. The saddest part? She probably never even got her invitation to Pottermore in the mail. Oh well, hopefully Casey will get her revenge by diving down Lafayette’s throat and dealing with Marnie ghost-to-ghost. Home boy is going to need a serious antacid to deal with what’s going on in his internal organs.

3. Jesus turns into a brujo! We’ve seen Jesus transform into a Brujo before, but we finally got a chance to witness just how this freaky deaky process works! Step 1: Drink some dead girl blood. Step 2: Start panting and sweating like a dog in heat. Step 3: Cut your arm and rub some allspice all over it. Step 4: Tie a flouncy scarf around your hands. Step 5: Start growling. Step 6: Breath Fire. Congrats! You’re now a certified horned devil!

2. Sookie gets caught in a ring of fire! We all love "Ring of Fire," but sometimes the lyrics of the late great Johnny Cash can be taken a little seriously, as proven by Marnie trapping Sookie in a circle of flames. Obviously, Sookie forgot fire safety 101. It’s called stop, drop, and roll, girl — something Sookie should be very familiar with given all the rolling around in the woods she’s been doing lately.

1. Alcide kills Marcus! We’ve been racking our brains trying to figure out how Alcide actually snuffed the life out of Marcus. From the looks of it, this mutt died from a punch to the throat, but even Alcide isn’t that strong, is he? There’s only one explanation: Alcide is living on a diet of spinach. Just call him Alcide the Sailorman!

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