Was It Wrong For Ricky to Give Adrian One Last Kiss? You Tell Us!
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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Was It Wrong For Ricky to Give Adrian One Last Kiss? You Tell Us!

Tonight's Secret Life mid-season finale was one big, ol' sloppy drunken sex-fest. Madison slept with Jesse, Jack slept with Raven, and — ZOMG! — Adrian slept with Henry.

But it wasn't Adrian's random roll in the hay with Alice's ex-boyfriend that had us jumping out of our seats in shock. After all, it was just a simple kiss.

Or was it … ?

After arriving at the party hand-in-hand with Mrs. Underwood-to-be, Ricky gave Adrian exactly what she wanted: one final smooch. Much to our surprise, Adrian didn't accidentally trip and fall on Ricky's face like we had anticipated. Instead, he walked up to her, grabbed her face in his hands, and planted a big one on her cherry-glossed lips. So. Not. Cool.

OK, we get that Ricky was just trying to set Adrian free or whatever, but if you ask us, this entire scenario was all too weird. Why was Amy OK with it? And why did Ricky do it in front of everyone? It's not like he could blame it on the alcohol … cough, Madison, cough.

What do you think, Secret Lifers? Was Ricky justified in kissing Adrian to “set her free,” or did it cross the line — especially now that he's engaged to Amy?