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About Last Night: The Kardashians Make David Letterman Very Uncomfortable

What were you doing last night? We were watching television, per usual. So, while you were finally cleaning that weird cheese stain off your ceiling (how did it get there?), we collected these highlights:

Just when we thought that Monday night's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians had signaled a temporary end to the K sisters' media everywhere-ness, they pop up on The Late Show to talk about Kim's butt X-ray. Delightful! While David Letterman was obviously fascinated by this discussion, he seemed otherwise unimpressed with Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney's conversational skills. At least he didn't mention the whole Frankenberry thing. [Watch at Gawker]

America's favorite news-savvy silver fox has had it up to here ("here" being his smoldering baby-blues) with Kate Gosselin. Responding to Kate's pizza-themed tirade on the latest installment of Sextuplet Smackdown Kate Plus 8, Anderson spent a solid 3+ minutes of his "RidicuList" segment explaining why she's such a horrible person. With just one episode of Kate Plus 8 left (ever!), it's probably best to just walk away, Anderson. [Watch at Gawker]

For the record, Wanda Sykes did not like The Help. The best-seller-turned-surprise summer hit is a decidedly light, upbeat take on 1960s Mississippi, and Wanda found it "way too happy." In her words, "it stunk." In case you need further clarification, that's a thumbs down from Wanda. [Watch at AolTV]

Do all conversations inevitably turn to poop? Lisa Kudrow and The Late Late Show's Craig Ferguson were having a pleasant enough conversation when the topic turned to salad — specifically, a salad that makes you poop. Turns out, Craig and Lisa have both indulged in the colon-friendly dish, but Lisa had never experienced its, um, benefits. Feeling left out, Lisa put Craig in his place for boasting about his lettuce-induced bathroom experience. [Watch at AolTV]

09.7.2011 / 09:06 PM EDT by Tim Hayne
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