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The Bachelorette

Holly Durst and Blake Julian Are Engaged? That Was Fast!

You know, if you asked us at the start of Bachelor Pad 2, “Which couple will be engaged by the finale?” we’d probably say Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi. Then, after watching a few episodes, we’d hope that wasn’t true and change the answer to Ames Brown and Jackie Gordon. Or Michelle Money and Graham Bunn. Or Michael Stagliano and Holly Durst… again.

But this actual engagement between Holly and Blake Julian is something of a shocker, considering they just met in June, she was engaged to Stag a year ago, and Blake was the one who spent the whole show mocking people who made emotional decisions.

However, when we saw these tweets over the weekend...

Sept. 4 — HollyDurst: “I am one happy girl!”
Sept. 5 — BlakeMJulian: “Best day of my life!!!

... our conspiracy-lovin’ minds thought “Did they get engaged?” or even “Did they elope?”

Credit: Greg Zabilski/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney    

Reality Steve said Holly was moving to South Carolina to be with Blake and we thought that explained it all. But not so fast! For the finale spoilers he just released today, Steve said Blake and Holly are actually engaged.

Here’s how Steve describes the big reveal we’ll see on Monday:

“Blake talks about the whole Melissa incident, then is asked about what’s the status with Holly. He says he’s been spending a lot of time with her, he loves her, and he’s never loved anyone like this before. Chris Harrison then steps in and says something to the effect of, ‘There’s more to this story…’. Then they show a clip on the big screen, where in just the last few days, Blake proposed to Holly and she accepted. They are engaged, which is why she’s moving to South Carolina. Now their tweets to each other Monday night make sense. It wasn’t specified when exactly this engagement that was shown on the big screen took place, but, it was sometime in the last few days.”

So … are you happy for the new couple? It’s kind of fast, no? For comparison’s sake, Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke still aren’t engaged a year after the first Bachelor Pad finale.

Are you also happy to read the spoilers on who won BP2 and, by default, who lost? Gotta say, we’re happy for Holly and Blake’s little love story, but we kinda wish the other finalists had won.

Source: Reality Steve

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