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The Lying Game

“I’ll Bring Along Some Peyote and My Favorite Dream Catcher” and More Lying Game Quotes From Season 1, Episode 4: “Twinsense And Sensibility”

There were so many hilarious one-liners in The Lying Game Season 1, Episode 4 that we could barely contain our LOLz! You’re in for a treat, Gamers: We’ve rounded up the Top 10 quotes from “Twinsense and Sensibility.” Buckle up, it’s gonna be a snarktastic ride.

10. Officer Dan preps Ethan (Blair Redford) for his court date: “Be sure to tuck your shirt all the way in and hide that chili stain.”
Of course Ethan would eat chili for breakfast. It’s the food of the Stud Gods.

9. Nisha (Sharon Pierre Louis) eye-rolls during ballet class: “This is basically detention in a leotard.”
Sounds like the best detention ever!

8. Laurel (Allie Gonino) teases her dad about his crush on Justin: “We haven’t even had our first date yet, and you’re already hitting on him?”
Who can blame Ted — Justin has nice hair and perfect teeth!

7. Char (Kristen Prout): “The last time I felt this left out I was wearing that head gear in middle school.”
In the words of Mads, Aw, metal mouth!

6. Laurel gives herself props: “And the Oscar goes to... Lauren Mercer for the Sutton Story!”
The Sutton Story: A Harrowing Tale of Gucci, Pucci, and Awkward Conversations With People Who Aren’t Actually Your Parents.

5. Laurel mocks Emma (Alexander Chando): “Seriously, we’re gonna hug it out? Can we hurry because with all this tenderness I really am about to vomit.”
Huh. You’d think Laurel would be the emotional type, given her love for The Get up Kids.

4. Alec meets with Ted: “There’s dirty work to be done. Just leave it to me. Just like in high school.”
Looks like we just met the original players of The Lying Game!

3. Lauren gives Sutton a warning: “Sutton, your boy’s in some deep doo-doo.”
In case you don’t speak tweenager, “deep doo-doo” is code for “lots of trouble.”

2. Ethan works his sarcastic side: “I’ll bring along some peyote and my favorite dream catcher. Then we can go off and do a harvest dance, and duck into a sweat lodge.”
We know Ethan’s joking, but this sounds like the best plan ever.

1. Char realizes Mads (Alice Greczyn) is boning Eduardo: “Oh my god. It’s true, you’re having sex with him! And of course old Char’s the last one to know. It’s the eighth grade Grand Canyon trip all over again!”
Flashback, please! We seriously need to know what sexy hi-jinks went down in the Grand Canyon.

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