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Is Beckett in Love With Castle? Stana Katic Confesses!

Sad news Caskett ‘shippers: Beckett and Castle won’t be snuggling up during the Castle premiere. According to TV Guide, our detective darling will decide to take a few steps back from their confusing relationship at the season’s start.

But Stana Katic (Beckett) is confident her character knows what’s she’s doing — and it’s for the best.

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“She's making an adult decision not to dive into something because she doesn't want to screw it up," Katic explains. "She's in love with him. She's dated other guys, but he's the only guy she's been in love with."

It’s true: Once the L-bomb’s been dropped, the stakes get pretty high. If time is what it takes to eventually get the two lovebirds together, they can take as much as they need.

Source: TV Guide