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The Kardashians

Top 5 Ridiculous Moments From Keeping Up With the Kardashians Season 6 Finale Episodes

Over the course of the two-day Keeping Up With the Kardashians finale, we saw many new sides to this kooky family! Like, who knew Kendall and Kylie had a rebellious side? Or that Kim Kardashian has a whole arsenal of high-school-level insults swimming around in that pretty little heads of hers, just waiting to come out? Or that Rob Kardashian’s whole family thinks he’s a huge loser? Just kidding. We totally knew that last part.

Regardless, the personality shifts in Bora Bora made for some totally OMG-worthy moments. Here are our top 5:

5. Kylie and Kendall steal Rob’s booze.

Kendall and Kylie grew restless during their uber-long vaycay and decided to stir up some trouble. They were probably just over being the only ones, besides Mason, not drunk all the time. So, they snatched big brother Rob’s booze. Now, they didn’t actually drink it — these are the good little Jenner girls we’re talking about — but Kylie did crack one open and pretend to throw it up, causing her sister to practically collapse in laughter. Oh, those girls! But they weren’t laughing for long — parents Kris and Bruce found the brewskis and confronted the girls, who swiftly blamed everything on Rob. “He gave them to us!” they exclaimed. Mama J called Rob over to her villa and went off on him for corrupting her little girls. And the kicker? Rob just sat there and took the blame! Later on in the ep, the Jenner girls started feeling guilty and turned themselves in to their parents. Mama Kris was clearly not pleased, but it was a shining moment for Rob, who came out looking like the best big sibling ever.

4. Kim, Kris Humphries, and Rob throw down.

Okay, so there was no actual fist-to-face contact on Bora Bora, but things got pretty heated between Rob, Kim, and later, between Rob and Kris Humphries. What started as a regular ol’ sibling trash-talking session quickly spiraled into real, physical threats. Kim was talking smack about Rob to Kris while he was within earshot, and the youngest Kardashian was not about to have that. He jumped out of the pool, showing off his oh-so-studly beach-ready body (that’s sarcasm), and started to go off on Kim. Not so fast, baby brother! NBA Kris — all 6’9” of him — wrestled the reality prince into a headlock, telling him he better not talk to his lady like that. That didn’t stop Kim and Rob from engaging in the battle royale of middle school insults (loser, d*ck, wh*re, and ‘you have no manners’ are pretty juvenile, don’t you think?). Before the dust had a chance to settle, Rob fled the scene to pop in some earbuds and run around the pool. At least this guy knows when to walk — er, run — away when he’s going to lose the fight. Mama J showed up moments later, and NBA Kris asked, not exactly in these words, if she’d mind if he gave her son a good punch. Uh, really? Is she supposed to say “go ahead”? Later, Mama J and Rob have an adorable heart-to-heart which, naturally, made Mama cry. Meanwhile, Kourtney put things in perspective for Kim, who realized if the tables were turned and Rob had a girlfriend who threatened her, well, that would not fly. Eventually, Kim apologized for calling Rob a loser, but we bet this won’t be the last time Kim drops the L-bomb on her baby bro.

3. Scott makes a business deal — with a vodka company.
What’s a man to do while he’s on vacation on a tropical island for 10 days? Work, of course! And what better deal for a recovering alcoholic to sign than one with a vodka company? Oh, Scott Disick, sometimes we just don’t get you. As you may remember, Scott’s drunken shenanigans made for some highly entertaining TV last season on Keeping Up, but we thought he was kinda-sorta-maybe in recovery now, per Kourtney’s request. Not so much? He not only drank on several occasions during the Bora Bora trip, he also decided to flesh out the details on some “vodka-based nutritional drink” business deal. We’re not gonna lie, a nutritional anything involving vodka sounds pretty awesome, but a new venture for Scott? No way, Jose. Kourtney and Mama J weren’t pleased either, and Kourt told Scott they needed to get back into therapy as soon as their plane landed in L.A. Atta girl! Lay down the law!

2. Kris Humphries proposes!
We finally got to see the over-the-top proposal we kept hearing about last spring — but what we didn’t know was that it didn’t exactly go as planned. First, Kris wanted to put a (oversized, amazing) ring on it in front of Kim’s entire fam, but he chickened out at the last minute. Instead, he proposed to Kim somewhere more intimate — her bedroom — and spelled out “Will you marry me?” in red rose petals. And of course she said yes!

1. Kim’s ring.
Yes, the celebutante’s 20.5-carat stunner totally deserves its own category. Not only did it cost $2 million dollars (a.k.a ⅔ of fiance Kris’ annual income), it had to be shipped to Mama J’s attention at Dash via a Brinks truck and signed off for in secret. Everybody — especially Kim — was shocked by the size of the colossal, emerald-cut beauty. In fact, she was so stunned by its sheer amazingness, she could barely utter a “Yes” in response to Kris’ proposal. Leave it to Kim to gawk at the size of the ring before saying “yes.” But that thing really did render her speechless!