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True Blood

5 Ultimate Truebie Questions From Season 4, Episode 11: “Soul Of Fire”

There are Truebies and then there are Ultimate Truebies: The kind of fans who spend hours talking about the latest episode of True Blood with their friends (read: their chat room) and keep a set of fake fangs on their bedside table.

Lucky for you, we fall into the second category, and we’ve rounded up five questions about the ins and outs of Bon Temps’ supernatural world that will keep you tossing and turning all night!

1. Can a vampire divorce his progeny? Eric was less than thrilled with Pam for endangering Sookie’s life with that big ass bazooka. In fact, he threatened to kill Pam, and proceeded to put her in permanent time-out.

Even though Eric wants nothing to do with Pam Cake, she’s his progeny and they share blood. Eric has been raising Pammy since she was just a little Baby Vamp — would he really give all that up for some “gash in a sundress”? And more importantly, is Eric physically able to break their blood bond, or are they tied together whether he likes it or not?

2. Why was Mirella in the woods? Fairies are seriously non-stop complaining about the dangers of the forest, but it’s like: Then stop hiking around the woods and go back to Neverland where you belong!

Why would Mirella willingly jump out of a ball of light in the middle of nowhere, only to lecture Andy on how dangerous it is for her? Is she trying to get herself killed, or is there a reason she’s putting herself in danger …. ? Is this Riverdance loving nymph trying to harvest humans?

3. Is Andy a fairy? Before Andy “made love” to Mirella on the forest floor, she made him swear to her E.T finger that he would protect her. When Mirella’s glowing hand touched Andy’s, some of her light transferred into him, and he seemed to experience a significant change.

Plus, at the end of the episode, Andy held out his finger and stared at it in awe, like all the magic in the world was held in his chubby little hand. Call us crazy, but it might be time for Andy to change his name to Tinkerbell.

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4. How did Casey’s body amplify Jesus’ magic? When Jesus dragged Casey’s corpse into Marnie’s bathroom, we thought he was going to use her body to trap Antonia’s spirit.

Instead he gave some vague explanation about how she would “amplify” his brujo magic. Hmmm, the only time Casey’s corpse came into play was when Jesus drank her blood. If all he needed was a little red stuff, couldn’t Lafayette have just pricked his finger and let Jay-Z suck on it?

5. How did Marnie know Lafayette was a brujo? It became clear that Lala was super-powerful when he joined hands with Marnie’s circle and her dead bird came back to life, but Marnie seemed too busy celebrating her parrot’s resurrection to notice Lala’s gift.

She didn’t witness him throw up Mavis, so how exactly does she know he’s a medium? Furthermore, how did Marnie’s ghost know where Lala lives? Did she just wander around the backwoods flying into people’s trailers until she saw his signature beaded curtains?

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