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The Bachelorette

Bachelor Pad Season 2 Finale Countdown: 5 More Days!

It's Wednesday. The three-hour Bachelor Pad Season 2 finale is Monday, Sept. 12. It's time for our BP2 version of the 12 days of Christmas countdown — except we’re streamlining, so it’s just five days. Recession and all. Besides, you don’t need 12 drummers drumming. Where would you put them?

So for today, here are [do the sing-song voice!] 5 trashiest moments...

5. Erica and Jake’s random make out session
It was just weird and it seemed to come out of nowhere. One minute Jake Pavelka is strategizing with Erica Rose, the next minute they seal the deal with tongue. She clearly wanted to get him in the missionary position so she could better examine his package, but Jake managed to get voted out, just in time.

4. The egg toss challenge
It was mean! Poor Erica ended up as the main target, even if it was just for strategic purposes, since she was standing on the end. The questions were rude. The egg throwing was borderline assault. All in all, extremely hurtful. We’re all for trashtastic drama, but please don’t bring this challenge back for Season 3.

3. Jake gives Vienna a rose
Which was dumb enough on its own, since V was never in danger that first week, but then she and Kasey Kahl laughed at Jake’s apology and continued to trash him — to the cameras, of course. They were usually cold but civil to his face.

2. Hurricane Melissa storms through
She did get played by Blake Julian. No question. But the tears were a wee bit extreme. And never-ending. Even Michelle Money — no stranger to tears or drama herself — thought Melissa was too emotional. The rest of the house resorted to avoiding her, eventually voting her out just for a minute away from the sobbing. Not that the drama ended when she left...

1. The Kasey and Vienna Show (needed to kick rocks)
From their grainy sex footage on the first episode to their fight over Kasey being horny and Vienna saying no — but yes to Wes Hayden and Dave Good — we got a new trip to TMI City every week with “the most in love couple” in the house.

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09.8.2011 / 05:38 AM EDT by Gina Carbone
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