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The Bachelorette

Countdown Until The Bachelor Pad Season 2 Finale: 4 More Days!

Dateline: Bachelor Pad 2011

It's Thursday. The three-hour Bachelor Pad Season 2 finale is Monday, Sept. 12. We started our 5 days of BP2 countdown with [do the 12 days of Christmas voice!] 5 trashiest moments and now it’s time for ...


4. Graham Bunn tattles on Gia Allemand
Maybe Gia overreacted — OK, she definitely overreacted — but she said her conversation with Graham on Episode 2 lasted for hours, not just the few minutes we saw on TV. They are very close friends in real life, as close as Gia and Jake Pavelka, who said Gia is like his best friend. So when Gia told Graham they should dump Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi, and Graham immediately tattled to Kasey … and Kasey immediately returned to Gia to tattle on Graham’s tattling … it turned into a big ugly cry. Gia sobbed her way off the show and still sounded angry at Graham months later.

3. Blake Julian screws over Melissa Schreiber
But, dude, you pinky swore to take Melissa on that date! The whole Blake vs. Melissa thing is an extreme he said/she said because she argues that he laid it on really thick. It was more than just one kiss or one date. He made promises, he pinky swore, they were a team. He says she turned into a Stage 5 Clinger after just one date and he didn’t want to lead her on. So, after the kissing contest, Blake decided to blow off his challenge partner, Melissa, and take Holly on a date instead. Yeah, maybe in the long-term it worked for Blake since he’s supposedly engaged to Holly, but it messed up his chances to win some money. Oh and it hurt Melissa’s chances as well. But Blake didn’t really take into consideration how much his emotional decisions knocked out Melissa and then his next partner, Erica Rose.

2. Jake saves Vienna instead of Gia
Gia is the one person who was always on Jake’s side. And, as the sole returning BP1 cast member, she really needed his help on that first episode. Instead, in true Captain America fashion, Jake decided to “save” Vienna with a rose — and make a big apologetic speech in the process. Vienna laughed. Gia cried. To save herself, Gia ended up making a deal with Kasey, thereby stopping anyone from getting rid of Kasey or Vienna that first week, the time it would’ve been easiest and made the most sense. Jake bears a lot of responsibility for The K&V Show lasting so long.

1. Kasey and Vienna can’t keep their promises
There’s no point in making a deal with K&V. We at home can see they already have their “core four” and “solid six” and there’s no room for the “expendable” people to jump in. But on the show, people buy what K&V sell. Sweet Jackie Gordon and Ames Brown went to K&V for a “love boat” alliance that went the way of the Titanic when Jackie got dumped anyway. Later on, Erica and Blake believed Kasey when he said he could convince Graham Bunn and Michelle Money to vote his way and save them. As it happens, saving K&V did Erica and Blake no good at all, since Team Money Bunns can make their own decisions, thank you very much. It just showed how the “power couple” in the house had very little actual power beyond talking big game.