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The Bachelorette

Dave Good and Wes Hayden Kiss and Tell! Did They Hookup With Vienna Girardi?

It was the shot heard ‘round Bachelor Nation. Kasey Kahl, horny and frustrated on Bachelor Pad Season 2 Episode 5, complained to his girlfriend, Vienna Girardi, that she was saying no to sexy time with him — but she said “yes” to Wes Hayden and Dave Good.


If that’s his idea of sweet talk then...EPIC FAIL. Though the Wes rumor hit the blogosphere awhile back — cited as the reason why Vienna’s friendship with fellow Bachelor 14 contestant Gia Allemand went sour — the Dave rumor was a surprise, causing Dave to dub them both “idiots” during his exclusive blog for Wetpaint Entertainment.

On this week’s Bachelor Pad Beatdown, host and Bachelorette alum Jesse Csincsak got straight to business with both men, asking them for the truth about the hookup rumors.

Wes: "Here's the deal. I'm kind of a private man, I don't normally throw my business out there. I said I hadn't slept with her. I hadn't slept with the girl. But if I did, like I told you earlier, if I want to f*ck a billygoat I can do that. I'm a grown-ass man. So as far as this nonsense about me sleeping with Vienna ... never happened."

Et tu, Mr. Good?

Dave: "No comment, but yes!"

After joking that he was down in Miami with Trista Sutter and “it got weird,” he explained, more seriously, that their hookup was before Bachelor Pad. But, he clarifies, "I didn't say I banged her, we hooked up." And despite public opinion, Dave had some nice things to say about Vienna. "She was actually pretty cool at the bar just hanging out for a couple hours. Like, she was actually legit and really nice. Then you see her on the show and realize she's actually crazy as sh*t."

Dave was annoyed that both Kasey and ABC put that personal info out there and that he had to field so many viewer questions — and criticism! His response to all the haters?

Dave: "If the worst thing I'll ever do in my life is hook up with a big-boobed blonde in Tampa, I'm doing pretty good."

Source: Bachelor Pad Beatdown

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