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True Blood

Does True Blood Hate Nerds? You Tell Us!

Let’s face the facts: If you consider yourself a Truebie, you’re basically a huge nerd. You spend a significant amount of time with fangs in your mouth, you have a cooler full of O Neg, and you follow Wetpaint Entertainment’s True Blood site with bated breath.

Nerds love True Blood, but does True Blood love us back? The ladies over at Fem Pop think that Alan Ball has a certain amount of contempt for his nerdy fans, as demonstrated by his treatment of Marnie:

“Even if you took out all the vampires, witches and fairies, Marnie would still be a socially stunted nerd. She probably goes to Renn Faires on the weekend (and makes mad money reading palms). I bet she’s seen The Craft a couple of times and used to paint her finger nails black. Her best friends are a hot male nurse who likes dudes, and a local waitress who is a single mom. She’s not living the prototypical American dream and she’s painfully aware of that.”

So how does Alan Ball treat this Wicca-loving hippie? By popping a couple bullets in her brain. Is he sending the message that “socially stunted” nerds who rebel against the people that make fun of them (or in Antonarnie’s case, burn them at the stake) shouldn’t have a voice?

Source: Fem Pop

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09.8.2011 / 08:06 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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