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Most Eligible Dallas

Glenn Pakulak Dishes on His Dating Life

Impeccably sculpted NFLer Glenn Pakulak may not be a Dallas native like hometown football hero Matt Nordgren, but he's certainly stealing hearts on Most Eligible Dallas. Originally from Detroit, and a punter for the Oakland Raiders, Glenn lets his Motor City roots show by picking dates up in his signature vintage Cadillac. And if you don't find the car charming, ignore it and focus on his billion-watt devilish grin.

So what's a perfect date for the Midwest-bred Bravolebrity? Well, we have yet to watch him take more than one girl on the same date at a time, so he's kind of smokin' Matt in the competition. "I'm pretty easygoing, and just love having a good time," Glenn told Examiner. "To me, that means going out for a glass of wine, a steak house dinner, and checking out a concert. Lot of cool music places in Dallas."

Swoon. He admits he picked up his suave game growing up with sisters. Between hanging out with them and his mom, he picked up all the pointers a naturally buff dude could possibly use to pick up chicks. (That little going-in-for-the-kiss move he pulled on Courtney Kerr to prove they had chemistry was particularly impressive, in our humble opinion.)

But before you go thinking he's some meathead takin' down chicks left and right, Glenn wants you to know he has a softer side, too. Like, poetry-writin’ soft. "I have that bad boy competitive edge, but I'm a hopeless romantic at heart," he insists. "I love drama movies...I’ve written love poems to my girlfriends. So, I have the best of both worlds."

Listen, Court, you're our girl and all, but date-juggling Matt vs. bad boy bard Glenn? By all means, take Matt and leave Glenn for the rest of us. (Although, we highly respect her politely declining to stay in the hotel room on their date... Way to class up Dallas and knock the ever-so-slightly egomaniacal boys down a few pegs.)

Source: Examiner