Sonja Morgan to Sell French House to Pay Off $7 Million Debt?
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Sonja Morgan to Sell French House to Pay Off $7 Million Debt?

Oh, the plights of the rich. As you may remember, Real Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan is in some serious financial trouble. She had to file for bankruptcy after a failed investment in the never-made John Travolta film Fast Flash to Bang Time (we have no idea what that title means), and she still owes a producer from the film, Richard Rionda Del Castro, a whopping $7 Million. What's a housewife to do?

Well, sell her extra house in France for a start. This week, a judge ruled that Sonja could get the house appraised, the first step to getting it sold — which that might allow her to keep her far more important $6 million New York townhouse.

Why did a judge need to get involved? Well, according to the New York Post, the situation was a little unclear: Sonja had shared the home with her ex, John Adams Morgan, and he had been renting it out, which made it a little awkward for assessors to burst in and start poking around. But, according to an statement issued by John's rep, "he has no objection to Sonja having [the house] appraised, and never has had any objection to an appraisal of the property."

Then why did Sonja have to take the situation to court? She issued a statement saying, "out of respect to my ex-husband, our families, my brand and future ventures ... I will not be able to discuss any details." Which, of course, makes it sounds like there's some juicy drama worth discussing. If only Real Housewives was filming right now...

Source: New York Post