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Jersey Shore

The Jersey Shore Twins Claim They Never Had Sex With Mike & Vinny

The guidos of Jersey Shore coined the term "twinning" after meeting a pair of seemingly DTF American twins in Italy, but apparently the real winners here were the twins, Brittany and Erica Taltos, who managed to escape their Jersey Shore adventures without once smushing a guido, despite on-camera insinuations between the castmates.

The girls opened up to Alligator about their experiences in Italy, and explained that while the show suggests that Brittany, er, "got it in" with Situation, and Erica with Vinny, that's not what really went down.

Erica, who declared on the show that she's a virgin, says that hasn't changed: "I'm waiting for the person I love." Apparently slipping into bed with Vinny after making out with Deena all night doesn't qualify as being in love. And, despite what appeared to be an ongoing hook up situation (and some cringeworthy night-vision hook-up footage), Brittany denies going all the way with Sitch.

That's probably a good thing, since she was obviously nothing but his backup. But Brittany's not bothered by that: "Who wants to be The Situation's whole package? Not me." Excellent point.

Now that they've seen their not-quite-sexploits play out on the small screen, do the girls wish they'd done things differently in Italy? Not according to Brittany, who told Alligator, "It was the best time of my entire life; I don't regret it one bit."

For more background on the twins seen around the world, check out the full interview.

Source: Alligator