Chris Bauer: Andy Bellefleur’s Lonely Days Are Over
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True Blood

Chris Bauer: Andy Bellefleur’s Lonely Days Are Over

Chris Bauer (Andy) says that Andy’s not such a bad guy — just repressed.

“I think that every time you get to see Andy Bellefleur, you understand a little bit more of what makes him tick,” he tells Collider. “There are a couple of specific biographical things you get to know, but more than anything, it’s the cumulative momentum that continues to give you a sense of who he is, so that you’re like, ‘Oh, OK, so he’s not just an asshole.’"

"If somebody is emotionally underdeveloped and the only tool they have is to growl and scowl and yell, but they feel the whole spectrum of emotion, from vulnerability, grief, fear, and loneliness, all the way through ecstasy and gratitude, that person has to end up alone because they don’t have the emotional vocabulary to express what they need. The best thing about this season, for me, is that Andy really realizes, once and for all, that he can’t do it alone, which is cool.”

Aww! It’s like A Bon Temps Carol. And he’s Andenezer Scrooge.

Chris also thinks that, grouch though he is, Andy plays a key role in the world of True Blood as the voice of skepticism.

“I think viewers need to see somebody having an even minimal version of a genuine reaction to the mayhem going on in Bon Temps, in order to maintain our own suspension of disbelief, and then you get on with enjoying it. But, if there was nobody on the show going, 'What in the hell is going on here?!,' then it wouldn’t have that sense of reality. There’s some bones to that, that you can hang a lot of crazy story stuff off of, and I do love that. I love being that guy. I wish I had a bonus for every eye roll that Andy has.”

Every True Blood character should be paid that way! Tara’s entire compensation could be based on face quivers.

Source: Collider

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