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The Bachelorette

MAJOR SPOILERS: Reality Steve’s Episode-by-Episode Breakdown of the Bachelor Pad!

Hello there, Bachelor Padawans! We believe you're looking for this article, which maps out the entire season of Bachelor Pad Season2!!

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If you think The Bachelorette is too classy, you must love Bachelor Pad. Spoiler king Reality Steve has spilled all the details from the six-episode series, and we've got the goods! Steve was able to get episode-by-episode scoop on the challenges, winners, and losers. Oh, and the hookups!

In true Reality Steve fashion, he also had to do something tasteless before spilling the spoilers — in this case, breaking down the ratio of implants to non-implants in the 11 girls in the house. Read more about that in his blog, if you feel compelled.

Here's our breakdown of Reality Steve's Bachelor Pad bombshells:


• The entire Bachelor Pad cast be back for the finale, when the final four will compete against each other as couples (2-on-2). The winners of that round will then go face-to-face for the $250,000 prize, which will be voted on by the eliminated contestants.

• The Bachelor Pad mansion features a living area where all 19 contestants sleep in bunk beds and an upstairs "fantasy suite."

• When the contestants go on mini group dates, one person is awarded a rose, which means they receive immunity and cannot be voted off in the next elimination.

• After each challenge, the guys choose to vote off one girl, and the girls choose to vote off one guy. The eliminated guy and girl's headshots are then dropped into a ballot box, to be revealed at the elimination ceremony by hosts Chris Harrison and Melissa Rycroft.



Game of Twister. The final two turn out to be Craig McKinnon and Jessie Sulidis, and Craig wins. Craig chooses to take Jessie, Gwen Gioia, and Elizabeth Kitt on a date to L.A.'s Greek Theater. The rose goes to Jessie, and they end up spending their one-on-one time at a concert. Craig and Jesse receive an invitation to go to the fantasy suite. It looks like they may end up going, but they choose not to. In fact, Steve says they don't even make out. (Bo-ring!) Surprisingly, from what Steve has heard, there is actually very little hanky-panky happening in the mansion. (What kind of Bachelor/Bachelorette reunion is this anyway?) The only two people who seem to be getting it on are Jesse Kovacs and Elizabeth Kitt. (These two were dating for two months before they even started the show, so no surprise there.)

ELIMINATION: Juan Barbieri and Michelle Kujawa are the first two voted off.



A pie eating contest, men vs. men and women vs. women. The person who eats the most pie in an allotted time wins the challenge. Of course, this gets ugly, and some of the contestants end up getting sick. Surprisingly, Gia Allemand emerges victorious on the girls' side (the swimsuit model wins the eating contest? shocker!), and the Weatherman (a.k.a. Jonathan Novack) beats out the rest of the guys. Gia decides to offer a group date to Wes Hayden, Craig, and Jesse Beck (smart girl!). She ends up pinning the rose on Wes. (Okay, maybe not that smart.) Steve thinks they don't hook up, and are not offered an opportunity to visit the fantasy suite.

As the men's team winner, Jonathan chooses Gwen, Ashley Elmore, and Peyton Wright to go on a date. Things get hot when the girls strip down into bikinis at, according to Reality Steve, "some painting place where their bodies were on a canvas or something like that." (Does this mean we have to see The Weatherman in a swimsuit again? Nooo!) Gwen gets the rose, but there is no visit to the fantasy suite for the two of them. Don't cry, Weatherman. But there are some people getting friendly in the mansion: namely, Jesse Beck and Natalie Getz, Dave Good and Jessie Sulidis, and Jesse Kovacs and Elizabeth Kitt.

At the end of this episode, Steve says "something went down where people turned on Jessie and Craig because they thought they were forming some sort of alliance from their first date." The result? Bye bye!

ELIMINATION: Jessie and Craig are the next two voted off.



A kissing contest. "Everybody left must be blindfolded and make out with everyone left of the opposite sex," Steve explains. Classy. Ashley isn't comfortable with it and doesn't participate, while Gia goes at it. Dave receives the honor of best kisser out of all the men. After his win, he chooses Natalie, Krisily Kennedy, and Nikki Kaapke, and they jet off to the Mirage in Vegas. Dave gives Natalie the rose. Then, Steve says, “Dave and Natalie end up in the topless pool at the Mirage. Draw your own conclusions from there.” Guess she's over Jesse Beck!

The guys vote Peyton as best kisser. Steve doesn't know who she chooses for her group date, but he does know that Jesse Beck receives a rose and they end up drag car racing. They're also the first couple to break in the fantasy suite. Bow-chicka-wow-wow!

ELIMINATION: The Weatherman and Gia are voted off.



Questionnaire. The contestants are asked to "privately answer questions about other people in the house." As Steve says "Apparently they hadn’t gotten the hookups and fighting they’d hoped for up to this point, so this task really brought out some claws." Here are a few of the questions Steve knows were on it:

• Who has the worst boob job in the house? Elizabeth comes out on top (err... bottom).
• Who is the most promiscuous/slutty in the house? Steve's not sure who got the most votes.
• Who is the stupidest girl in the house? Steve's also not sure who "wins."

Steve adds, "The next morning, the results are read aloud to everyone. Major cat fighting, back stabbing, lying, crying, etc. People got very offended and hurt when finding out what people had written about them." You don't say. Tenley gets the most answers "right" (whatever that means), and decides to offer Kiptyn Locke a date to a “private island." Steve thinks they "probably make out." (If you had a chance with Kiptyn, wouldn't you?)

ELIMINATION: Wes and Krisily are voted off.



Eleven contestants remain — four guys and seven girls. The four guys left standing — Jesse Kovacs, Dave, Kiptyn, and Jesse Beck — are told that they need to each save one girl. Here's who saves who:

• Jesse Beck saves Peyton
• Dave saves Natalie
• Jesse Kovacs saves Elizabeth
• Kiptyn saves Tenley

ELIMINATION: As Steve says, "Ashley, Nikki, and Gwen are sent home because basically, well, the guys left didn’t want to hook up with them or whatever."

Next up is a dancing challenge judged by — who else? — Mr. DWTS himself, Jake Pavelka, along with former Bachelorettes Trista Sutter and Jillian Harris. Steve guesses that Tenley or a Tenley/Kiptyn duo win this challenge. (After all, Tenley is a dancer.)

Steve doesn't know if it goes from 8 contestants to 6 and 6 down to 4, or if it just goes from 8 down to 4, but the final 4 contestants are... drum roll, please:

Dave and Natalie
Tenley and Kiptyn

Credit: ABC Television Group © 2010 Disney    


In the finale, Dave and Natalie will go head-to-head against Tenley and Kiptyn. The winning team then moves on to the finals, when they will face off against each other for the supreme title of... uh... Bachelor Pad winner!

So who wins? Reality Steve has announced that the winners will be.... drum roll, please... Dave Good and Natalie Getz! The pair decide to split the $250,000 prize. Hungry for more details on the Bachelor Pad finale? Read our thorough breakdown!


09.9.2011 / 10:19 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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