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The Secret Circle

Phoebe Tonkin Gets Dialect Lessons From The OC’s Seth Cohen!

Don’t you wish you could wave a wand and watch The Secret Circle right this minute? September 15th is still a week away, but you can distract yourself from broomstick fever with these fun facts about Phoebe Tonkin –– The Secret Circle’s wicked witch of the Pacific Northwest!

Phoebe’s originally from Australia and rocks a sexy Aussie accent. So how did she perfect that American twang for her role as Faye? She told Nylon her secrets: “Before the pilot, I'd worked with an accent coach and just practiced a lot, but to be honest, I grew up watching The OC and Friends so I've picked it up a lot from there. I joke that I had the Seth Cohen guide to the American accent.”

Friends? The OC? Sounds like Phoebe is our kinda gal –– and she has great taste in music, too! “I'm a huge Radiohead fan, like, huge. I also like Cat Power and I'm into this band called The Swell Season who I caught at Coachella. On set I've started listening to Smashing Pumpkins, just to get into the realm of Faye's head, because it's a little bit dark.”

Speaking of Faye, we’re dying to know what we can expect from Chance Harbor’s most villainous mean girl! “I think Faye is really unpredictable,” Phoebe says. “You see, she was quite misguided by her mother, had a few bad boyfriends, which led her to become sort of a destructive person to herself and to others. Now that she's come into these huge powers, she doesn't necessarily want to use them for terrible things, but she just doesn't know her boundaries.”

Let’s just hope she doesn’t up and accidentally kill anyone, right ladies?

Source: Nylon Mag

09.9.2011 / 03:39 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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