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UPDATE! Graham Bunn Vs. Justin Rego At Bachelor Pad After Party: New Details

*Spoiler alert* This story includes Reality Steve’s Bachelor Pad 2 finale spoilers, so read at your own risk!

Didn’t see this one coming. Honestly, when Justin Rego tweeted about being “attacked” at the Bachelor Pad Season 2 after party, we thought maybe Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi were finally fed up with being compared to Kermit and Miss Piggy.

But Justin did say a “finalist” hit him — and tweeted a photo of his black eye (shown off while holding one of his cute rescue cats). According to Reality Steve, the two final couples who battle for the $250K on Monday’s BP2 finale are Michael Stagliano & Holly Durst and Michelle Money & Graham Bunn. Steve says Stag and Holly win the money. And Steve tweeted Thursday night about what happened after the finale.

@RealitySteve: “Graham is the 1 who punched Rego & was kicked out of the after party. Rego was harsh on him & Michelle at finale & I guess it carried over. … No idea what the fight was about, but looks like it escalated pretty quick. #WWESmackdown.”

Graham? Really?

But that’s not all! Friday morning Steve posted some details about the fight. Somehow Holly’s new fiance Blake Julian is now involved. Because no one is allowed to fight without Blake!

Here’s more from Steve’s blog:

“As for this fight at the after party on Tuesday night, here is what I know:
• Graham and Blake were in a heated argument over I don’t know what, but they were having words with each other.
• Rego stepped in to break it up, there was an altercation of some sorts between those two, and Graham was asked to leave the party.
• I have no idea what caused it, what the semantics of the fight were, or anything like that. I just know that there was an altercation between Graham and Rego, and Graham was asked to leave. Reports of a knock down, drag out fight with punches being thrown around is all speculation at this point. I wasn’t there, I didn’t see it, so I’m not gonna say that’s what happened. Just know those two got into it and Graham was kicked out of the party.”

That makes it sound like Justin was actually trying to be the peacemaker and the fight *didn’t* start because he made a nasty comment on the finale, as we assumed. Hey, Justin said he played the villain to get a reaction, so it would make sense for him to play it up again and tick someone off.

But this is even more surprising. Graham fights with TWO people? Gorgeous Graham? The other half of our (yes, “our,” Natalie!) Team Money Bunns? He seems pretty mellow. Sure, we haven’t met him — we’ve only swooned from afar from The Bachelorette and BP2 — but there has to be a lot more to this story. No one ever deserves to get hit, but something must’ve been said or done to really set him off. Or he was just really, really mad about losing.

The truth may come out before or at least during Monday’s finale, but in case it doesn’t, there’s the Bachelor Pad Beatdown to look forward to.

@JesseCsincsak: “If you wanna know who #Punched @JustinRatedR Just tune into the #BachelorPadBeatdown on Tuesday we will tell you who and why !! #Awesome !!”

It’s not clear why Jesse thinks it’s awesome, but he definitely isn’t a Graham fan and he had harsh words for Justin in his BP2 premiere blog. The “why” part of this is getting more interesting by the minute.

Source: Reality Steve

09.11.2011 / 05:30 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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