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Exclusive! Glee’s Dot-Marie Jones Reveals What She Has Planned for the Glee Project Winners

The Glee Project winners haven't yet announced what characters they'll be playing, but we're getting a lot closer to finding out.

"I saw Damian [McGinty] the other day [on set] but I don't know if he's going to be in the episode," Dot-Marie Jones, who has just finished shooting episode three, told Wetpaint Entertainment at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards on September 10.

The actress, who plays Coach Beiste, said she was excited to hear that all four Glee Project finalists got a chance to be on the show, especially after getting to know them as a mentor last spring. "Those kids are so amazing and so talented and raw," she said. "I only wish I'd done that at that age."

Though she has no inside scoop (or at least knows better than to share) when it comes to their roles, Dot-Marie knows what she'd like to see happen on the show — at least as far as Damian is concerned. "I told Ryan I think it would be awesome if I was his foreign exchange home," she revealed. "Wouldn't that be hilarious?"

She can even see Damian and co-winner Samuel Larsen on the football team. "Damian, I think, could hold his own. Samuel, he's very thin…but he could be a receiver," she said, chuckling. "I can see those dreads hanging out of a helmet."

When they're ready to roll, she'll be there waiting for them, as there will be much more Coach Beiste in store when Glee returns for its third season. "I'm in the first three episodes and I'm doing a lot more than just coaching the football team," Dot-Marie told us. "It's fun!"

Unfortunately "more" does not mean a song and dance number, as she is recovering from a broken foot. "I stepped wrong, and it just made this loud awful snap, and I wasn't sure what it was until I took that next step and knew it was not nice," said the actress, who traded her crutches for a cane on Emmy day. "They wanted me to have surgery, but I told them, 'Are you kidding me? I'm a little busy!'"