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Castle Spoilers: Who Did Monty Mail His Files To?

Judging by Castle’s Season 4 super-intense premiere “Rise,” one might think Season 4 will be all work and no play for the 12th precinct.

But according to Entertainment Weekly’s Sandra Gonzalez, Season 4’s somber tone will be broken up with some light and fun episodes, much like previous seasons. Sounds like after all they’ve been through, the Castle crew still knows how to how fun!

“If I didn’t know that a very fun Halloween episode and a superhero-themed episode were coming up, I’d probably be thinking we were in for the darkest season yet based on the premiere”, she writes in EW’s latest Spoiler Room.

“But since I do know those are on the way, I feel a little better ...”

And remember the season preview pics that show Beckett and Castle sitting on swings in a park and having what looks like a very serious conversation? Sandra dishes the buzzed-about park scene is “as deep and good as we all imagined … but not for the reason you might be thinking.”

Does that mean they’re not exchanging “I love yous”?

Finally, Sandra says fans will find out who Captain Montgomery was mailing old files to in the Season 3 finale — and we won’t have to wait very long. In the very first episode, Old Monty’s secret will be revealed, but instead of clearing things up, it will only create more questions for the detectives. Of course!

Source: Entertainment Weekly

09.12.2011 / 11:53 PM EDT by Erica Strauss
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