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The Bachelorette

Exclusive! “Michelle and Graham Deserve to Win Bachelor Pad,” Reveals Ousted Melissa Schreiber

While there have already been some major spoilers released regarding who wins Bachelor Pad 2, nothing will be officially revealed until tonight (September 12, 2011) so anything can happen.

Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with cast-off — and Blake Julian's former flirt partner — Melissa Schreiber to hear her thoughts on who should take the big prize.

While she wasn't allowed to tell us who actually wins due to her contract with ABC, Melissa was happy to share who she thought was most deserving of the $250,000.

"I would prefer for Michelle [Money] and Graham [Bunn] to win and what they want to do with the money is far more deserving and rewarding," Melissa told us in an exclusive interview.

"Michelle's dad recently died of colon cancer and she wants to start a research fund for early detection for of the disease," she explained. "His tests always came up negative when he clearly had cancer, so it's an issue that is very close to her heart. The rest of the money she wanted to use for her daughter's college fund. She made it very clear to all of us that she wanted us to be a part of the fundraising."

Graham was such a gentleman, and he said he wanted to give it all to Michelle, and I genuinely believed that he would do that," she added. "It was so sweet and kind of him."

So, exactly how much does what the prize money is going to be spent on influence voting on Bachelor Pad?

"I think people do take into account where the money is going, but it's still just ultimately a popularity contest at the end of the day," Schreiber explained.

And what about the other last couple standing?

"I would be happy for Michael [Stagliano] if he won, because I love him…but I don't want Holly [Durst] to win because that means Blake wins because they are together, and he gets half the money."