Mark Ballas Stands Up for Chaz Bono!
Credit: Frederick M. Brown/ Getty Images    
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Dancing With The Stars

Mark Ballas Stands Up for Chaz Bono!

Chaz Bono has taken more than his share of hateration since his appearance on Dancing With the Stars Season 13 was announced, but fellow pros and stars have been quick to back Chaz. Now, another pro has jumped to Chaz’s defense: Cutie Mark Ballas, who says that haters bashing Chaz is “whack.”

In a new interview with TV Line, Mark Ballas said that the show’s first transgender contestant is “a lovely person” and that Mark is “rooting for him.” And why shouldn’t he be? “This is a dance show at the end of the day,” Mark continued. “It’s not politics. It’s a dance show. He’s going to do great, and he’s lovely. So good luck to him.” Even though Mark Ballas is paired with Kristin Cavallari on Season 13, it’s nice to see that he’s still showing some love to a fellow contestant.

Mark also explained that although he doesn’t have a problem with the idea of a same-sex pairing (as was rumored for Carson Kressley), he says that it would put the players at a disadvantage: “If you put two women together, a woman’s never going to be able to lift another woman over her head like a man. And if you put two men together, no matter how hard you [try], a man is never going to be able to move like a woman... But am I up for it? Totally. I’m not against it at all.”

Tres progressive of you, Mark!

Source: TV Line