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America's Next Top Model

Top 10 OMG Moments in America’s Next Top Model History

As far as bat-crazy reality shows go, we imagine ANTM is sandwiched between Bad Girls’ Club and Jersey Shore in terms of sheer number of OMG moments. We’ve witnessed cat fights, bitch fights, hospitalizations, breakups, way too many rompers, and the OMFG paradise that is Andre Leon Talley’s wardrobe.

It’s was a tough call, but we’ve managed to round up the ten most jaw-dropping moments in ANTM history!

1. Tyra Flips Her Ish At Tiffany! Fool Tyra once, shame on you. Fool Tyra twice, you get bitch slapped. Who will forget the fated day when Cycle 4’s Tiffany Richardson dared to talk back to Queen Tyra. Diva must have been trippin’, but don’t worry, Ty put Tiffany in her place by publicly shaming her.

2. Kim And Sarah Make Out! We can barely remember as far back as 2005 what with being high on Mariah Carey fumes, but we’re pretty sure Kim and Sarah’s girl-on-girl make out sesh was an even bigger deal than Brokeback Mountain. High five, ANTM!

3. The Cycle 5 ladies get attacked by angry birds! After gaining weight and falling over on the runway, being attacked by a bird is just about the scariest thing that can happen to a model. Especially when said bird is a finch named “Bo," the horror! We'll never forget the day when an innocent flapper found it's way into the Cycle 5 girl's apartment and terrorized them. Seriously, almost as scary as getting a pimple the day of a cover shoot.

4. Rebbecca passes out during judging! Look, we get it: Janice Dickinson can be intimidating. This lady has been in rehab in almost every state in the country, and we’re pretty sure she’s more silicone than flesh. When you’re in the presence of that kind of greatness, you’re bound to pass out sometime or another, right? Of course Rebbecca blamed her mysterious childhood fainting disease, but we know the truth.

5. Tyra dresses up as a kangaroo! Hmmm, what’s the best way to tell a hoard of hungry models that they’re going to Australia? Dressing up as a kangaroo, obviously! Tyra rendered us confuzzled when she packed her hot bod into a Kangaroo costume and told her Cycle 8 troupes that they were going Down Under, but it was when she unleashed a bunch of real kangaroos that we officially WTF’d.

6. Tiffany gets into a bar fight! Oh, hey again Tiffany. This girl already made our list, but we can’t forget that night the Cycle 4 girls went to a bar and some random poured a full bottle of beer all over Tiff’s head during a dance off. So what was home girl’s reaction? “That skank ho poured a beer on my weave.” Truer words have never been spoken.

7. Tyra demonstrates how to get a bikini wax! It’s been four years since Cycle 9, but we’re only just recovering Tyra’s fake bikini wax on top of the judges table. Here’s what went down: When contestant/professional waxer Janet announced, “You gotta get the crack up, you gotta spread the cheeks, and just make sure it's available,'' TyTy was so inspired that she volunteered herself for a quick demo. We’ve never seen Miss Jay look so horrified.

8. Tyra and Miss Jay krump in cycle 6! Note to Tyra: Please refrain from dirty dancing, krumping and/or bumping and grinding during Cycle 17: All-Stars. It will save us all from having to buy extra waterproof mascara as a result of LOLing too hard.

9. Britany and Alexandria have a bitch fight! The most recent OMG moment in ANTM history has to be Britany and Alexandria’s diva-showdown, wherein Brit basically told Alexandria how much everyone hates her and Nigel Barker was like “Uhm, guys? Uncool. And also, look how handsome I am.” Will Alexandria work her biatch magic during All-Stars? Fingers crossed.

10. Chantal takes down a stilt walker in Cycle 9! Plenty of models have face-planted on the runway, but Chantal took things to a whole new level when she took down that poor innocent man on stilts while she was strutting her stuff. Let’s just hope he didn’t break any limbs, but it’s not like anyone checked up on him.

Did we forget your favorite OMG moment? Tell us in the comments.