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True Blood

True Blood Finale Deaths: Which One Was the Saddest?

Tonight's True Blood Season 4 finale went out with a bang, literally. It was one, big gruesome bloodbath from start to finish. When you count the nameless guards Eric decapitated in one fell swoop, the body count clocks in at a record-breaking seven.

Some of these deaths had us crying blood into our Belve Comptons, while others left us sighing in relief … finally! Just being honest.

Here's our ranking of saddest True Blood finale deaths. Let the healing begin.

1. Jesus

We're trying our best to refrain from cracking more JC jokes, but let's face it: this brujo died for the sins of Bon Temps. A true martyr, Jesus will be missed but never forgotten. Something tells us he'll resurrect again in Season 5 — making sure your boyfriend forgives himself for unwittingly stabbing you in the heart during a possession is some serious unfinished business.

2. Tara

As much as we dislike Tara and her silly chin tremble, we can't deny the gravity of this loss. After surviving multiple vampire attacks and suicide attempts, Tara finally came face to face with death after jumping in front of a bullet to save her life-long best friend. Our heart breaks for poor Sookie, who just said goodbye to her beloved Gran for the second time. How ever will she cope? We recommend seeking comfort in the arms of a Viking.

3. Debbie

This is going to sound bad, but honestly, we're happy that Debbie's finally out of her misery. This chick's life was one big, V-riddled tragedy. The only thing stronger than her thirst for vampire blood was her hatred of Sookie, which ultimately came back to bite her in the end. But since all dogs go to heaven, we're pretty sure she'll be forgiven … and if not, she'll always have Marcus.

4. Nan

Nan's death was pretty surprising, but sad? Nah. Her treacherous AVL politics were getting a little old. Sure, we'll miss her pseudo-feminist angst and the fact that she dresses like a lesbian dominatrix, but this is one pile of goo we won't be losing sleep over.

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