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Hard-Hitting Journalist Interviews David Boreanaz

Redbook Magazine readers will find David Boreanaz (Booth) receiving the most difficult interview of his career. Kidding! Shelby from MI has all the details: the new Barbara Walters is in fact Boreanaz’s nine-year-old son, Jaden, who throws out some tough questions in Redbook’s October 2011 edition.

Among the questions: “What do you think about when you’re away from us?” (adorable!) and “Have you ever stayed up past 12 a.m.?” (Innocence is a precious gift!). Boreanaz, for his part, handles the interrogation like a champ -- naturally, he’s always thinking about his kids, and he sagely proclaims that “nothing good happens past 12 a.m.”

Possibly the best part of the interview, though, is when Jaden asks why his father works out so much...and then asks what his favorite food is. Milkshakes, Italian, pancakes, bacon...and once that’s all out, Boreanaz archly asks a question of his own: “Now you realize why I have to work out so much, Jaden?” Well, based on Boreanaz’s enduring sex appeal, we feel safe in saying that he can afford to put away a few more shakes!

Source: Redbook Magazine

09.13.2011 / 01:35 AM EDT by Drew Belsky
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