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Dancing With The Stars

Was Nancy Grace the Real Reason Ryan O’Neal Backed Out of DWTS?

Dancing With the Stars Season 13 hasn’t even started yet and Nancy Grace is already ticking people off.

Actor Ryan O’Neal was rumored to be on Season 13 but he supposedly backed out because his knee wasn’t 100 percent after a replacement a few months ago. However, “multiple sources” connected to TMZ have told them that Ryan wanted to do the show but walked away because he can’t stand legal eagle Nancy.

“O'Neal feels Grace has been ‘disrespectful’ to his family ... claiming she has gone after [Ryan’s son] Redmond, who has had ongoing drug problems, and even suggested the reason Redmond is messed up is because Ryan is a bad parent,” TMZ reports.

We normally take anything from TMZ with a grain of salt, but they were the first outlet to report that Rob Kardashian would be on Season 13, so they must be pretty well connected to the DWTS folks.

At least when we lost Ryan, the dancing gods gave us style guru Carson Kressley, who is now a major fave to win this thing. Well, to us, anyway.

Source: TMZ