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True Blood

5 Ultimate Truebie Questions From Season 4 Finale: “And When I Die”

There are Truebies and then there are Ultimate Truebies: The kind of fans who spend hours talking about the latest episode of True Blood with their friends (read: their chat room) and keep a set of fake fangs on their bedside table.

Lucky for you, we fall into the second category, and we’ve rounded up five questions about the ins and outs of Bon Temps’ supernatural world that will keep you tossing and turning all night!

1. How did Gran exorcise Marnie from Lafayette? As far as we can tell there are three ways to exorcise a ghost: 1) Say a simple spell, create a windstorm, and watch the ghost gently float off into the night. 2) Cut open your arms, drink the blood of a dead girl, and turn into a monster. 3) Reach your arm down someone’s throat and tear out their innards. We assume no. 3 is what Gran did to Lafayette — it all just happened so fast and so furious!

2. Are there still ghosts wandering around Bon Temps? Sookie, Holly, and Tara managed to unearth Bon Temps’ entire population of zombie ghosts, but are the undead still hanging around this podunk town? We never saw Sook and the gang reverse the spell (though Gran and her Ghost friends did wander off in the direction of the graveyard), so what’s the deal? Are these folks gone for good or will Rene harass Arlene for weeks to come?

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3. Can anyone be a witch? Lately, it seems like all you need is a poncho, some prayer beads, and a container of salt and — BAM — you’re a witch. How else do you explain the fact that Sookie, Tara, and Holly created such a strong spell? Seriously: They managed to protect Bill and Eric, and simultaneously unearthed an undead army. Can anyone in Bon Temps get in on that action, or is it reserved for mediocre waitresses only?

4. Why didn’t Tommy rise from the dead? When Piper, Phoebe, and Peru (Er, Holly, Sookie, and Tara) cast their “Blessed Be” spell, the entire population of Bon Temps’ dead rose from their graves — except Tommy. You’d think this kid would want to come up and apologize to Sam, or at least give Mrs. Fortenberry her underwear back, but instead Tommy was MIA. Was he just too lazy to leave his grave?

5. Is Jesus inside Lafayette? When Ghost Jesus came to visit Lala for a quick chat about bed sores and the afterlife, he said “Dude, I’m dead. You’re a brujo. I’ll always be with you.” Does this mean that Jesus is living somewhere in Lafayette’s Medium Mohawk, or will he just jump down Lala’s throat for a quick visit every now and then? Either way, we hope to see much more of Jesus next season!

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