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Secret Life of the American Teenager

Beverley Mitchell Exclusive: ”I Will Be Back” on Secret Life Next Year!

Those lusty kids on The Secret Life of the American Teenager may need someone to talk to after the orgiastic graduation party that closed out Season 4, but will counselor Katelyn O’Malley still be around to hear their morning-after regrets when the show returns?

We caught up with Beverley Mitchell at the Diesel Black Gold premiere of Machine Gun Preacher starring Gerard Butler and Michelle Monaghan at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC to find out.

“I will be back!” Beverley told Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively. “I’m excited. Actually, I go back on Thursday, so we’re back at it.”

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When we asked Beverley what she wanted to see happen in Season 5, she said, “I’m so excited to just keep learning about Kaitlin. She’s such a fun character. It’s fun, you know, being the adult in the group, which is different. I want to find out a little bit more about her and see how she’s going to help these kids. I think it’s great.”

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As the adult in the group, how did she feel about all the hooking up that went down in the finale? “Well, you have to expect that, right? It is Secret Life. Oh it was awesome!" she said.

"There’s so many fun twists and turns and it’s so exciting to see Ricky [Daren Kagasoff] and Amy [Shailene Woodley] together.”

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We’d just finished chatting with Beverley when the man of the evening made his way down the red carpet. In Machine Gun Preacher, Gerard Butler plays real life hero Sam Childers, a former drug-dealer who transformed himself and rescued hundreds of orphaned and kidnapped children in war-torn Sudan.

We asked Childers what he thought of Butler’s portrayal.

“I tell you what, it was unbelievable,” he told us. “To start with, he’s rated as one of the top ten actors out there. I didn’t believe he would pull this thing off when I first met him, because he’s got a strong Scottish accent. But all I can say is, he did it. Most of all, when you watch the movie, watch his eyes. I mean, because even though he pulled the accent off, he had to get it—he had to get what it was all about. And you can see it in his eyes. He felt the pain from me, he felt it from my family, and he felt it from the children of Sudan.”

We also wanted to know if his life was really like an action movie.

“What you have to remember is Hollywood is always going to be Hollywood. Some of the action scenes are going to be amped up. That’s what I say. But if you went and you asked the children that seen their parents killed they would say no, the action scenes were not amped up.”