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The Bachelorette

Setting Up Stag! Which Bachelor Babe Should Michael Stagliano Date Next?

The Stag needs love, stat! He wasn’t named the new Bachelor but that doesn’t mean Bachelor Pad 2 co-winner Michael Stagliano can’t go on his own off-screen “journey” through “the process” to find his own “chosen one.” And we can think of a few familiar faces who might be right for the the budding musician, who just recently got his heart stomped on by ex-fiancee Holly Durst on national television.

The bright side: In his BP2 exit interview, Michael said his experience with Holly actually helped him get ready to date again…but there’s just one problem:

Jillian Harris

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Hey, remember Jilly? You got really close to getting engaged to her on The Bachelorette Season 5? We’re pretty sure she’s not seeing anyone right now (at least not anyone Twitter or Facebook officially). If fans remember, Stag had a really fun hometown date where he and his twin brother Stephen tried to trick Jillian and switch places — didn’t work. The age difference also didn’t work — at least for Jillian, who is four years his senior. But guess what? He didn’t care then, and he probably doesn’t care now. (If you ask us, the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition star has only gotten more adorable over the years.) Plus, her ex’s love of attention from many “random girls” became problematic, so the fact that Stag’s looking for “just one” gal is a fabulous start.

Keltie Colleen

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Keltie could be in a serious relationship for all we know, but we’re charging ahead anyway. The Bachelor 15 contestant (pictured right with the floral headgear) is a high-energy music and dance buff, like Stag, and she just did this adorable interview for The Insider. She seemed to like his music — which is indeed awesome — and so maybe that could be the start of a beautiful music-filled love affair. Bonus: She’s besties with Michelle Money (who’s currently dating his bro Graham Bunn
) so you know what that means — double date!

Jackie Gordon

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Not to list every girl fresh off of a breakup, but Stag and Jackie have the whole confusing BP2 split thing in common. Ames Brown may be the only one who ever knows why he and Jackie didn’t work, and so it’s time for the raven-haired beaut to move on for good. Maybe Jackie and Stag could talk about it. We already know she’s not opposed to spending time with other Bachelor alum of the male variety. Plus, Jackie is an artist and a free spirit, just not quite as free as Holly. And that’s a good thing: She’d be a mature, intelligent breath of fresh air.

Marissa May

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Another Bachelor 15 vet, Marissa is a sports lover and witty tweeter who has become the voice of reason during the weekly Bachelor/ette/Pad Beatdown segments hosted by Jesse Csincsak. She seems fun-loving but emotionally stable (this is key) and gets along with guys and gals equally well. She could also be attached, but if not — you did said you wanted a vacation, Stag, and Florida seems like an ideal destination!

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Michael: 'I’m a nerd. I’m so bad at talking to women. I did an event over the weekend and got so flustered with fans and just trying to hug everyone and stumbled through conversations. This sounds so cheesy but it really is true — it’s great that, you know, women are lining up and I’m getting e-mails and Facebook messages. That’s great, but I’ll take one. One would be great, you know. That’s kind of what I’m looking for, just one girl that maybe didn’t even watch the show.'

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Too adorable. But skip the part about the girl not watching the show. It’s probably better that she knows what she’s getting into. Nobody likes to be blindsided, you know! (*cough* Holly and Blake).

So where to start? Here are our five ladies from Bachelor Nation we think should pass Stag their digits, meet for coffee, and then him in Vegas so they can beat Holly and Blake to the altar? (Just a thought.)

Ready? Here we go...

Emily Maynard

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The Bachelor 15 winner is semi-fresh off her own split with Brad Womack and she recently let us know she’s still looking for The One. She added that she’s specifically looking for a funny/cute guy. That’s Stag in one. Do you two know each other? Emily, Stag. Stag, Em. We can even give you a topic of conversation to start with: Favorite tweets William Holman has sent you. Discuss.