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Jersey Shore

“It Smells Like Hot Sweat & Regret in Here” Jersey Shore Season 4, Episode 7 Quotes

Snooki fought the law, and the law won! Deena and Snooki took their meatball friendship to the next, black-out-drunk level! Jersey Shore Season 4, Episode 7 was so chock full of oratory gems, we couldn't pick just 10! — so put on a clean T-shirt, slap on some fake tan, and check out our personal faves.

13. Sammi, observing Deena and Snooki: "I don't even make out this long with Ron."
That's because your make out sessions are usually interrupted with a fist or a thrown Ikea bed.

12. Snooki: "It looks like Hawaii, so I feel like it's, like, an island. Or maybe it's, like, on the border of, like, a continent, you know what I mean? So it's like by...ocean?"
Like any 5-year-old, Snooki is almost able to confidently identify places that overlook the ocean.

11. Vinny: "Right now, Snooki and Deena are whacked off their faces."
This was a few hours before they where whacked into each others' faces.

10. Snooki: "Team Meatballs can handle anything when it comes to alcohol — so we're gonna go mad hard all day, and then mad hard at the club."
The defense rests, your honor.

9. Sam, on Deena and Snooki: "We said this before we left. We're, like, they're gonna be abducted, we don't wanna deal with it."
Um...Girl Power?

8. Mike: "The guys right now, we don't think the Meatballs are gonna make it to dinner tonight. Snooki and Deena are the Meatballs, and they're not making it to the sauce."
Unless, of course, by "sauce" you're referring to "the booze" — in which case they more than made it.

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7. Jenni: "This is not an ordinary girl make-out session. This is, like, they are going to f**k each other when they get back to the hotel, and I have to share a room with them."
And that was the night Jenni slept in the bathtub.

6. Deena: "Us Meatballs, we're short! Like, we can barely touch the pedal in these friggin' stupid cars."
I'd say 'Then you two should stick together," but I think you'd take it a little too literally.

5. Jenni: "It's bad enough if a nipple slips at a club, but you never are supposed to f**king forget your underwear, that is brutal."
I'm pretty sure those rules apply to places other than clubs, btw.

4. Vinny: "It smells like hot sweat and regret in here."
I'm sure he meant to add "stale cigarettes" into that rhyming scheme, too.

3. Snooki: "I feel like Italy shouldn't even have cars, 'cause first off nobody even knows how to drive here."
She said, shortly before plowing into a police car.

2. Snooki: "Do you have this in a small? — my cooka will come out."
Snooki, you could wear a spacesuit, and your cooka would come out.

1. Deena, in a medley of grammar fails: "It's only, like, Jersey girls that can dance so hard their underwears come off," and "Whatever, I forgot to put underwears on," and my personal favorite, "I need a food."
Who wants to bet that Deena's parents didn't read to her when she was little?