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Dancing With The Stars

Did Kristin Cavallari Break Up Mark Ballas and Pia Toscano?

There were always going to be rumors about Mark Ballas and Kristin Cavallari. Two hot young things spending hours at a time doing sexy routines for Dancing With the Stars? Please. It was only a matter of time.

The evidence, after all, is compelling: Kristin is fresh off a painful breakup with quarterback Jay Cutler; she said Mark was the pro she wanted to be paired with; and Mark was always pretty coy about his relationship with American Idols Pia Toscano. Every season Mark ends up entangled in the rumor mill — but every couple does, if they are doing their jobs right. Chemistry = votes, right? So is this official split between Mark and Pia just more of the DWTS pro doing his job?

According to an Us Weekly source, Mark and Pia broke up because "[Mark's] high school drama was a little too much for Pia.” What high school drama? Perhaps this high school drama: Star reports that Mark and Kristin were caught nuzzling out at dinner. A witness told Star, “She was sitting on his lap while he was nuzzling her neck. They were having dinner with Derek Hough but didn’t pay him any attention. They were consumed with each other. You can tell she is really into him.”

Granted, Mark and Kristin have already been asked about the romance rumors and she said that dating is the last thing on her mind after her breakup. Mark is just a touchy-feely kind of guy in general. They have both reiterated that they are “just friends.” But we hear that every season and yet the rumors keep getting fueled by “witnesses” and tabloid reports. Is it all just a publicity stunt? After all, Mark and Pia have both been busy with their work projects for a while — why break up right before the DWTS Season 13 premiere (this coming Monday), if not to fan the flames of the Mark and Kristin rumors?