Love Quadrangle!  Four Extra Bones Episodes!
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Love Quadrangle! Four Extra Bones Episodes!

If you’re still smarting over Bones canceling its appearance at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 in July (don’t be shy -- some of us still are, too!), then it may well be time to bury the hatchet. In an exclusive interview, Michael Ausiello at TV Line has revealed the consolation prize of a lifetime: Bones will be running four bonus episodes in a “mini-season”!

Granted, executive producer Stephen Nathan is not sure exactly when these episodes will transpire. Fox “has scheduled us for 13 episodes,” Nathan says, so “the finale is Episode 13[.]” At the same time, however, the network “want[s] as many episodes as we can produce” -- hence this creative solution to a “very odd situation.” So Fox “could run [these orphan episodes] on a different night, they could run them in the summer, or they could hold them for fall.”

With this kind of detachment from Season 7, it goes without saying that the four bonus episodes will be quite separate from the overarching Bones plotlines. And as much as we love all the Booth-Brennan drama, we’re excited to see some...well, “episodic” (as Nathan calls them) episodes that focus more strongly on the murders.

So it looks like Nathan and his cohorts have brilliantly found a way to cater to everyone. Romance and drama fans will be happy with the big thirteen-episode season, while those of us sick of goo-goo eyes can delight in a four-episode murder-fest. And when it comes to reasons to celebrate, let’s not forget the big picture: four more episodes!

Source: TV Line

09.16.2011 / 11:03 PM EDT by Drew Belsky
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