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Pretty Little Liars

The Top 5 Spoby Moments From the Season 2 Summer Season

We've been team Ezria from day one, but Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen) have started giving them a run for their money as the sweetest couple in Rosewood. The Pretty Little Liars Season 2 summer season was overflowing with great moments for this couple, as they grew ever closer in the face of threats from all sides.

It was hard, but we've picked out our Top 5 favorite Spoby moments from the summer:

"I don't care what you can't tell me, I care about you!" Toby shouted after Spencer in Season 2, Episode 12, "Over My Dead Body." "I love you!"

This scene broke our heart into a thousand little pieces. We're not sure which is more moving: Toby's desperate struggle against the police, or the look on Spencer's face as she held back tears, walking away in silence because she knew that otherwise, "A" would hurt the one person she loves the most.

"It's got monsters in it," Toby said of Rosewood, sitting next to Spencer and looking down on all the little houses from the hill outside town. "You know that. So do I."

This scene from Season 2, Episode 2, "The Goodbye Look," completely captures the "It's us against the world" mentality that brought Toby and Spencer together in the first place. As the couple sat hand-in-hand in the woods above Rosewood, trying to figure out who they could trust to help them with the Ian situation — the answer was nobody, of course — our hearts broke for the two outcasts who somehow managed to find support in each other.

The world is always against them, but that never keeps Toby and Spencer apart for long. In this scene from Season 2, Episode 1, "It's Alive," Toby sneaked into Spencer's house late at night to see her, because their parents had forbidden their relationship (which never works, BTW). Sure, he freaked Spencer out by creeping around in that shadows right after the guy who tried to kill her disappeared, but he totally made up for it by giving her the biggest hug in the history of the world.

"I had to see you," he whispered as she sobbed into his embrace, finally letting out all of the fear and anxiety left over from being attacked by Ian (Ryan Merriman). If Spencer and Toby can overcome evil stepsisters and sinister police officers, they aren't going to let a little parental concern keep them apart.

An essential part of Spencer and Toby's connection is that they are both willing to defy the odds and look giant obstacles in the face without trembling. Despite their external differences, they share a heavy dose of will and bravery, and together that makes them an (almost) unbreakable team.

Nowhere was that clearer then when they confronted Spencer's dad as he came out of Jason (Drew Van Acker)'s house in Season 2, Episode 11, "I Must Confess." Peter Hastings is a scary dude — even Spencer cowers around him, and this is the girl who took on Ian. But together Team Spoby defied him. When Peter yelled at Spencer that he didn't have to answer her questions, Toby stepped in, telling him yes, yes he did. And when Peter turned his wrath on Toby, Spencer threw herself between them, finally finding the will to stand up to to her dad: "I am in the middle of this" she yelled, refusing to step aside.

As the duo sped off in Toby's truck, ignoring Peter's shouts for Spencer to go home, we cheered. Toby and Spencer are more than just a couple in love: Together, they can take on the world. If they don't get back together ASAP in the winter season, we're going to freak out!

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Ah, young love. It's just like we remember: Passionate kissing, adorable "I loves you"s, stealing your sister's engagement ring to buy your boyfriend a truck so he can escape his evil, molesting stepsister. *Sigh*

Spencer may have gone about it the wrong way — seriously, did she really think "A" wouldn't get to that ring after she pawned it? — but getting Toby the beat-up pickup of his dreams in Season 2, Episode 3, "My Name Is Trouble," was a romantic gesture for the ages. We can't blame the boy for bursting out those three little words. Spencer, ever competitive, pouted that she had wanted to say them first, but judging by the way her face lit up with a gorgeous smile, she didn't really mind.

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