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The Secret Circle

Thomas Dekker Says He Has “Strong Chemistry” With Britt Robertson

Did you guys check out the new Secret Circle sneak peak where Adam (Thomas Dekker) and Cassie (Britt Robertson) surround themselves with a bunch of floating raindrops and almost make out? One word: Swoon!

These two have so much chemistry it’s hard to believe they’re just co-workers, but according to Thomas, his off-screen friendship with Britt is what makes their on-screen relationship so believable.

“Well, Britt and I did a film together years ago where I played a witch and she was trapped in a burning car, so apparently we just keep repeating ourselves,” Thomas tells The TV Addict. “But we’ve kept in touch throughout the years and Britt’s just awesome. It’s weird because Britt and I have a very brother/sister relationship in person but I feel that we have a very kind of strong chemistry once the camera rolls, where as Shelley Hennig who plays Diana, my girlfriend on the show, we’re not so brother/sister in person. We’re more — I don’t know how to put it — but then on camera we’re very chilled out so it’s a weird thing that happens.”

Whoa there, is this Thomas’ way of saying he has real-life chemistry with Shelley? Or is he implying that they don’t get along? Way to be cryptic, buddy.

Thomas must love working along side such stunning co-stars, but tapping into his character’s magic is an even bigger thrill. “I actually must say that growing up I was obsessed with the ‘90s movie The Craft,” Thomas says. “I thought it was the coolest thing I had ever seen and was really into it as an idea and I think I bought a Wiccanism book one time. I’ve done the Ouija board and seance and all that but I’ve never done the full deal. Never caused a storm or anything.”

First of all, we appreciate that Thomas said “the ‘90s movie The Craft” rather than just “The Craft.” It’s always good to reference that magical decade whenever possible. Second of all, Thomas is officially our number one crush. Wiccanism? Ouija boards? Hello, high school memories!

Source: The TV Addict