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Jersey Shore

You Tell Us: Should Jionni Have Been Mad at Snooki for Hooking Up With Deena?

Things got intense between Team Meatball during Jersey Shore Season 4, Episode 7. We'd usually excuse Deena and Snooki's lesbionic action as some harmless fun between two super smashed gal pals, but there's one snag: Snooki has a boyfriend. You know, the one she can't stop talking about.

We were in shock when Ronnie actually made a good point about the situation: "Cheating is cheating." We were a little surprised at how quickly Jionni forgave Snooki for her indiscretions. After all, cookas were showing! What do you think: Should Jionni have been more pissed about the situation, or was Snooki's hot and heavy make-out sesh with Deena a non-issue?